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NS8 - Complete Storefront Protection

Modulo NS8 - Complete Storefront Protection

Sviluppato da PrestaShop Partners
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Protect your store from the three big revenue killers: order fraud, advertising fraud, and poor performance. Reduce your store’s chargebacks, increase the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, and ensure quality of your site’s user experience. 

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Traffico Consente di analizzare il tuo traffico

NS8 Complete Storefront Protection uses industry-leading techniques to identify bots and other malicious activity. As a platform-based approach to online threat reduction, NS8 Complete Storefront Protection is designed to help your eCommerce businesses fight the three big revenue killers: order fraud, advertising fraud, and poor performance.
Revenue Killer #1: Order Fraud 
NS8 Complete Storefront Protection watches and scores every visitor to your store. When we detect suspicious activity before, during, or after an order is placed, it is reflected in the order’s EQ8 score. An order with a low score is most likely fraudulent, and depending on how low the score is, it is held or flagged for manual review. When an order’s score is low enough to be suspicious, but not low enough for the store administrator to confidently cancel the order, NS8 Compete Storefront Protection provides the tools to escalate the order and request e-mail and SMS text verification from the user. If the user verifies their phone number, the store administrator can process the order with confidence.   
Revenue Killer #2: Advertising Fraud 
Advertising fraud (especially remarketing fraud) is a huge and growing issue for online merchants. Up to 34% of online advertising campaign budgets are stolen using fraudulent traffic. NS8 Complete Storefront Protection not only scores all of the traffic visiting your store, but it also detects and records the traffic’s source. You will see when, and which, advertising campaigns are delivering low-quality, high-risk, fraudulent traffic. You will be able to save money and increase revenue by eliminating poorly performing campaigns and focusing your budget on the successful campaigns that deliver results.
Revenue Killer #3: Poor Performance 
NS8 Complete Storefront Protection includes five critical monitors that every PrestaShop store should have to ensure their store’s performance and customer experience. These include the monitoring of SSL certificates, being added to a spam list, getting flagged for malware, store pages failing to load correctly, and any drop in performance against the global average of online stores. When an issue arises, you'll be automatically notified immediately via email and/or SMS. 


Every action taken by a visitor to your store is scored by the EQ8 engine, which functions a lot like a credit score. For example, a high score is awarded when a user displays characteristics of being human, and a low score is awarded when the user is found to be deceptive about their identity, location, device, etc.
All Orders Scored
NS8 integrates order scoring right into PrestaShop's default order queue, so warning icons will appear next to suspicious orders that exhibit fraud markers.
All Ad Campaigns Scored
Discover which campaigns and sources are responsible for the most low-quality traffic. This lets you direct your budget towards campaigns that score well and actually deliver.
Block Retargeting Fraud
Don't waste revenue by remarketing to bots. NS8 blocks bots and other deceptive users from getting tagged for retargeting.
Google Analytics Integration
This let's you do things like set an EQ8 Score threshold to add users with high scores to remarketing audiences and get a better picture of your good customers.
SMS Order Verification
Instantly request SMS or email verification from the customer on any suspicious looking orders.
Performance Monitoring
Every plugin added to your store can negatively impact the speed, performance and customer experience of your website. NS8 monitors your website’s performace from a global view and alerts you if there is an issue.
Stay off of Spam Lists
If you rely on email marketing to drive customers to your store, finding your domain on a spam list could be seriously damaging to your reputation... and your bottom line. NS8 monitors the largest spam block-lists for your domain and alerts you via email or SMS so you can address this crucial issue.

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Improved Site Performance
NS8 protects storefronts from load performance issues and downtime, so you can guarantee that everything is up and running when users visit is and that frustrating display issues are taken care of.
Fewer False Declines
NS8 tracks over 157 attributes to assess potential fraud, meaning that fewer legitimate customers have their orders inadvertently declined due to overly-zealous traditional fraud prevention methods.

Legal compliance

Regolamento generale sulla protezione dei dati (GDPR)

Questo modulo è conforme al Regolamento generale europeo sulla protezione dei dati.


No coding or site changes required!
We handle the integration via the PrestaShop APIs, so no additional integration is needed on your part.
Once you install the app, just turn the features on and you will have your shop protected immediately. It really is that simple.

Novità nella versione 1.1.96(29/05/2018)

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  • Versione 1.1.96 (29/05/2018)

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