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WK Products Search Plus

Modulo WK Products Search Plus

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Do you sell spare parts, accessories or consumables? You want to help your customers searching products step by step? Our add-on is THE Solution that will fit. (you can ask us for a demo)

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre


Navigazione Facilita le ricerche degli utenti sul tuo sito

This module provides you Great flexibility in managing associations between your different data items of your shop. Indeed, you can easily create a Step by Stepnavigation system based on multi-level dropdown lists.

This module also provides some tools to manage bulk associations in order to save time in building your search engine on one side, on the other side to maximize products visibility in your shop and so increase your sales.

  • Very easy to use.
  • Important: "Step By Step" system navigation can be used for "Categories", "Manufacturers then Categories", "Features" or "Attributes".
  • The main benefit is an always well organized online shop.
  • Very useful if you manage a large andmulti-level categories tree.
  • Each feature is managed entirely in one simple and intuitive interface by using Ajax Technologies (no need to reload the entire page) =>Gain more speed.

An important point with this module is that you don't have to follow and use the tree structure of your categories in your catalog. Indeed, no need to create hundreds and hundreds of categories and subcategories associations to benefit from the Step by Step function.
E.g.: Imagine that you want to create a search engine based on the following category filters: Years, brands and then models. Our module avoids you a tedious job of creating the same cars "brands» under each "Year" category and will allow you to associate them easily for each year by using our module.


  • Set the level number and which data you want to use « Step by Step » mode.
  • Manage associations for the First Level: This level is the starting point of the « Step by Step » navigation system, so, you have to define the items to be loaded in the first filter.
  • Manage associations for the rest of levels: Then, you have to manage the associations between the items of each level until you get to the last level.
  • Finally, you just have to define labels used in search block (main title, filters, etc.).
  • Now, your search engine is ready to perform step by step products search.

  • Import feature: letting creating quickly associations between your items (categories, manufacturers, features or attributes) from an Excel file (csv or xls). This feature can be used also to create the missing items in your database during import process to gain time. You have just to prepare your excel file (samples files are available within the module to help you building your file).
  • Bulk Associations between your categories and products.
  • Bulk Associations between your manufacturers and products.

  • Define level number (multi-levels, no limit!),
  • Ajax search: with ajax search, the results matching the user query will appear in real time,
  • Classic search: the results will appear on the next page after submitting form,
  • Possibility to refine search by Attributes, Features, Manufacturers, Categories,
  • Search for a matching products where all selected dropdown lists values exist at the same time in a product,
  • Option to load related features/attributes when changing « Step by Step » categories selections,
  • You can build normal search without using « Step by Step » system navigation,
  • How to display search results :
- Only when you reach the last dropdown list. This is useful when you have many products.
- On every available dropdown list change.
- By clicking on button.
  • Module positions: in central or top area of the homepage, in footer, under the menu, in columns, nav full width, etc., or by creating a custom hook to put in the location of your choice in your template,
  • Keep the search engine always present in all pages,
  • Ability to upload images to be displayed in block header,
  • Type of sort (name or position) & sort direction in products and categories list,
  • Beautifull themes are available (Classic, Elegance and Modern),
  • More options to full control the appearance of the search engine,
  • Possibility to define advanced CSS styles (for advanced users only),
  • Ability to restrict the search block display to certain pages (Manage visibility),
  • Ability to allow robots (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.) to index search results,
  • and more.

  • Find products with multiple selection using drop-down lists.
  • Selecting a value from the first drop-down list (1st level), causes the dynamic loading of associated values for the 2nd drop-down list.
  • If you manage 3 levels, choosing a value from the 2nd dropdown list, causes a dynamic loading of associated values for the 3rd dropdown list.
  • And so on until you get to the last level.
  • Ability to store selected filters (E.g: Filters composing a vehicule, etc.).
  • Important feature: When navigating categories pages, you can display only products that were RELATED to the stored categories filters (E.g: display the parts only for the selected vehicule).
  • Through the input field, you can enter a reference (like consumable number, piece number, etc.) to filter your search.
  • Check "In Stock" option to display only available products for sale.
  • Possibility to erase and empty instantly the current search.
  • Improve SEO and Metas (title, description and keywords).
  • Multi-shops.
  • Responsive design and Interactive interfaces.

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WK Products Search Plus
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Our module is compatible with addons which allow to define multiple values for the same feature, please visit our addon for more informations:

Any questions?
If you have any questions, problems with the module or need a demo, click “Contact the developer”, we respond very quickly and will do everything possible to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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Novità nella versione 2.5.16(03/03/2018)

  • Add new theme (named Modern).
  • Ability to set the height of Submit button.
  • Ability to set the border color of Reset button.
  • Ability to set the background color of Reset button.
  • Ability to set the text color of Reset button.
  • Ability to set the border width of Input field.
  • Ability to set the border color of Input field.
  • Add ability to create missing elements data (elements can be categories, brands, attributes or features) during associations import process.
  • Add possibility to put a short description below module title.
  • Add possibility to display a label under each separator.
  • Improve codes and CSS.

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Community developer

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  • Compatibilità v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.3.0

  • Versione 2.5.16 (03/03/2018)

  • Disponibile in en fr

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