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Carts Guru | Abandoned Cart Solution | Free Trial

Modulo Carts Guru | Abandoned Cart Solution | Free Trial

Sviluppato da PrestaShop Partners
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PrestaShop has chosen Carts Guru as a native retargeting solution for cart abandonment.
Carts Guru combines multichannel strategies to easily convert more than 20% of your abandoned carts through retargeting emails, SMS, automatic calls and Facebook.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre

Conversioni Incoraggia chi visita il tuo negozio a completare l'acquisto

Carts Guru will help you to convert your "almost buyers" into paying customers.
  • Multichannel Retargeting: Emails, Facebook Ads, Instagram, SMS, and Automatic Calls
  • Convert more than 20% of your abandoned carts
  • Automatic suggestions to continuously improve your rules
Carts Guru is your all-in-one retargeting solution.
Try it for free for 14 days, no credit card needed.
You only pay a commission when Carts Guru converts your carts.
Check our website: https://carts.guru/en/prestashop


Why hire different retargeting companies when Carts Guru offers it all?
Email Retargeting - A basic feature for all who need to reduce their cart abandonment rate. Remind prospective buyers about the value of your products.
SMS Retargeting - Our marketing text messages have a 97% open rate. Send prospective customers a reminder or a discount. You can also offer a free callback from your online store.
Automatic Calls - Your secret weapon for basket recovery. Save it for the carts with the highest values! Have direct contact with customers to close their purchases right away.
Facebook & Instagram Retargeting - Reach your prospects with personalized advertising campaigns. Use Facebook and Instagram dynamic retargeting to recover buyers through cost-per-click ads.
Our intuitive solution suggests “if this, then that” rules based on:
  • Customer information (language, new vs. old visitor, custom segments...)
  • Basket status (payment failure, awaiting payment...)
  • Products in the cart (category, amount, item...)


Carts Guru’s pricing is success-based. We only charge a small % of we recover in abandoned carts for you.
We’re flexible: we'll adapt to your business and size. Check our pricing page and simulate how much Carts Guru would cost your business.
There is no limit on emails, SMS or automatic calls!
Questions? We'd love to help!
Schedule a call with Carts Guru’s team. Get a demo! Ask us anything.
Write us at hi@carts.guru or chat with us on our website: https://carts.guru/en/prestashop
Prefer using the phone?
USA: +1 929 224 0706
UK: +44 20 3868 7434

Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

These are just some of the benefits of adding Carts Guru to your store:
  • Increase your ROI significantly, at a very low cost.
  • Improve your conversion rates by activating those visitors who already know you.
  • Remind your visitors about the value of your website and products.
  • Delight shoppers with a incredibly targeted and personalized communication.
  • Help customers purchase what they are looking for.
  • Optimize your online store’s user experience.


“We have been using Carts Guru for about 6 months. It’s an efficient solution that has allowed us to improve our conversion rate by 27%.” Florent Maizieres, Sales Department at Little Marcel 

“Carts Guru is the most complete retargeting solution for abandoned carts that we have tested and implemented. It allows us to easily organize multichannel scenarios, something no other solution offers so far.” Guillaume Rostand, Marketing Director at Interdit au Public

"Easy, Reliable and More Conversions - I'm Happy. Everything is designed specifically to assist you as an ecommerce or marketer manager to drive revenue with ease. It solved a lot of problems for me. Having used a lot of other email software with Magento to try to convert abandoned carts, I can only say that Carts Guru as a company knows what they’re doing and are giving you the tools and knowledge to help you grow your revenue quickly. Cheers" Wesley Schuster

"A very good way to increase sales. We installed Carts Guru and sales started to increase. The integration is very simple and you can start immediately. I have to say that the support is very good as well and they are very open minded to hear suggestions. I recommend it!" Aaron Backer

"A real difference to reduce carts abandonment. The targeting with multichannel helped me to reduce the % of abandoned carts. The usage of SMS to send offers was THE good surprise to really impact business. Integration / configuration of Facebook and Instagram retargeting is really simple."  Patricia Schuster


The module is compatible from PrestaShop 1.4 on, and can be found under the "Advertising & Marketing" section of the modules listing.

Novità nella versione 1.4.6(09/11/2017)

  • Add support of Prestashop 1.7

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PrestaShop Partners

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  • Compatibilità v1.4.0.1 - v1.7.2.4

  • Versione 1.4.6 (09/11/2017)

  • Richiede l'iscrizione a un servizio esterno Si

  • Scarica 9942

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