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Modulo PresyDeal

Sviluppato da Community developer
  • PrestaShop -
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PresyDeal module is the most ADVANCED and FLEXIBLE of it's kind, you can manage your deals with efficiency and simplicity.
Feel the power of PresyDeal for your shop.
PresyDeal integrates your shop with all the features of Group a Buying website.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre


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A powerful and efficiency tools for your business. Implement your e-commerce deals with PrestaShop and PresyDeal.
Exclusive : Manage your partners easily with impressive functionality easy to use:
  • Export your sales list in a CSV format
  • Printable Sales.
  • Partner Management :
    • space partner in the clients' account.
    • checking and validation of the Deal by the partner
    • Deals board allocated to the partner
  • automatic Géo-localization of Deals with Google-map.
  • Programming of Deals in advance with automatic starting.
  • Fully customizable with simplified CSS
  • Sending  won deals in PDF format to your customer via mail when accepted payment .


 Back Office :
  • Create “Deals” products with the PrestaShop engine
  • Convert a PrestaShop clients' account into account Partner.
  • Choose the Deal related to partner.
  • Choose your date/time of beginning and your date/time of end (the countdown is displayed in real time on product description).
  • Unite one or more postal addresses with a Deal.
  • Integrate condition on every deals.
  • Send a deal in “Daily Deal” in one click.
  • Reach your deals sales easily
  • Sales printing
  • Reach your deals codes sold in the orders
  • Return bought Deals customers by the order page.
  • Launch/put on standby/Modify/Remove Deals for a certain number of days, hours or minutes.
  • Shows discount percentage and discount amount on product listing page
  • Create Deal for any type of product (simple, configurable, Bundle, grouped, virtual and downloadable).
  • Multiboutique and 100% responsive design layout.
  • And so many more...
Front Office
  • Display real-time countdown on all your deals
  • Manage your “Coming Soon”/”forthcoming” deals
  • Disabled the “sale button” if your deal is over or coming soon/forthcoming or stock=0
  • Disable the product after the deal ends or after the product's quantity reaches 0.
Partner Space (Front Office)
  • Space partner in the clients' account.
  • Deals Checking and validation by the partner.
  • Deals Board associated to the partner in real-time


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Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

 With PresyDeal, your customer can visualize your deals thanks to an ergonomic, optimized and intuitive navigation system.
Your customer can see immediately where the Deal is located geographically (with Google map).
As soon as the payment is accepted, your customer receive automatically their coupon in PDF format, to quickly benefit.
Thanks to Deals countdown, your customer never miss any deals which interest him: he knows in real time, when they expire

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To install PresyDeal, please consult the install instructions supplied in the download package. 

Novità nella versione 1.0.1(30/11/2015)

  • First version of PresyDeal module 1.0.0
  • Code optimized module 1.0.1

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore

Community developer

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  • Compatibilità v1.6.0.9 - v1.6.1.18

  • Versione 1.0.1 (30/11/2015)

  • Disponibile in en fr

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