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V1.5.3.1 - V1.7.8.6
Dalla V1.5.3.1 alla V1.7.8.6


Connect your Prestashop easily with marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, PriceMinister or Cdiscount.
Upload products, import orders or synchronize stock and prices automatically.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre

insert_chart Facilita le vendite all'estero
insert_chart Ottimizza la visibilità dei tuoi prodotti su un marketplace
Sell more than ever :78% of all online-buyer-decisions are made on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, PriceMinister or Cdiscount
These are the most important distribution channels to increase your sales dramatically. Use your Prestashop in combination with the magnalister addon and make your store a distribution, inventory- and order-management-system.
​magnalister is the ultimate connection between PrestaShop and eBay, Amazon & Co. 
4 main processes supports your daily work:
- Upload products directly from PrestaShop to the marketplaces
- Orders are imported automatically from the marketplaces into PrestaShop
- Automatic stock and price synchronization
- Automatic transmission of status like "shipped" or "paid"
Many additional features like variation-transmission or usage of different price groups makes selling more easy.
Free 30-day trial! : Immediately after the notification and shop-registration, you will receive your personal unique activation key (pass phrase). With this key you can activate and use the software to it's full extent. No additional or further costs are incurred during the 30 days test period. After the free trial, magnalister costs starting from 29 EUR excl. tax.

Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

For your customers magnalister means easier and faster order management with all important data at one place.


To install magnalister, simply click "download" in the up right or go to and download the ZIP-File. In this Zip-package you will also find an installation guide. After a brief registration on, you'll receive a key (passphrase) to activate and configure the magnalister addon.


magnalister evolved over 7 years and provides the addon with all the experience from thousands of customers. Beside flexible standard functions, magnalister can be customized by an internal hook-point system to the individual needs of any merchant.

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Versioni compatibili con PrestaShop

V1.5.3.1 - V1.7.8.6

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Versione modulo

V 3.0.50

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magnalister is an addon, that integrates seamlessly and makes your Prestashop a multi-channel marketing and inventory-management-system. No third party web-application is needed. magnalister is the leading multi-channel-addon in Europe and managed orders worth more than 1 billion euros so far.

Novità nella versione 3.0.50(05/05/2022)

  • Product List - Marketplace Status Filter: Fix a problem with filtering by "Non-existing products in the marketplace".
  • Invoice Upload: Process 10 orders per Request - sometimes pdf files are so big that servers post size exceeds
  • Marketplace configuration - Check if the same order status is used multiple times - Example: For import and shipping
  • METRO - Product Upload: Add missing required "max processing time" to configuration and product preparation
  • Productlist - Filter: Fix a rare problem by marketplace status filter
  • Marketplace configuration - Check if the same order status is used multiple times: Fix for deprecated config values
  • Etsy Item Upload: Small Fix on Variations
  • Hood: Age Verification Settings (FSK + USK)
  • OTTO - Product Preparation - Images: Fix issue that doesn't allow selecting only specific images
  • - Product Preparation: Fix a problem to display prepare form if prepared store category is deleted from Hood
  • OTTO - Announced Orders settings and order import/update functionality removed
  • Inventory, Delete and Error Log View: Show not subsystem name, show marketplace title
  • Attributes Matching - All marketplaces: Update content for "successful saved matching" message and "no category selected" message
  • Cdiscount - Product Upload / Configuration: New Shipping Methods available
  • PrestaShop - All Marketplace- Upload Product List: Load product list faster when thousands of products are prepared
  • - Product Preparation: Fix a problem to uncheck all features in preparation form
  • PrestaShop - Upload - Product-List: Fix the error "unknown column mlprepare.productsid..."
  • METRO - Product Upload - Max Processing Time: Removed option "0" because max processing time should be at least 1
  • Idealo - Order Import: Import payment method from idealo by default
  • eBay - Preparation: The error „Incorrect integer value: '' for column `magnalister_ebay_prepare`.`ShippingLocalDiscount` at row 1” is fixed
  • PrestaShop 1.6 - Order Import - Stock reduction: Fix a problem to reduce stock when advanced stock management is activated
  • Order Import - Fix a problem by inserting magnalister order data in to database with some special settings
  • Amazon - Order Config - Duplicate Fields: Only 2 fields creatable bug fix
  • eBay, Hood, Cdiscount: Fixed Bug where shipping costs are not saved
  • eBay Product Preparation: Fixed Error: "Field 'SecondaryCategoryName' doesn't have a default value (1364)"
  • PriceMinister - Upload product: Changing the product title length to 200 characters and description to now a maximum of 4000 characters
  • Prestashop 1.6 - Order Import - Advance Stock Management: Fixed an issue where available stock was not reduced during order import
  • eBay - Configuration - Refunds: Fixed issue where refund settings could not be saved correctly
  • PrestaShop - Attribute Matching: Showing attribute names and values in configured language in marketplace configuration
  • PrestaShop - Etsy - Product Upload: Sending matched custom attributes properly
  • Attributes Matching (eBay): Show shop values also on the right side
  • All Marketplace Configuration: Displaying error message for missing configuration is corrected and errors are displayed when it is necessary
  • Kaufland - Synchronization of price: Price will now be compared by a maximum of 4 decimals
  • Cdiscount - Order Status Sync: Submitting correct carrier code to Cdiscount
  • Idealo - Configuration: Disable forwarding fee fields, if shipping method is not forwarding
  • eBay - Configuration / Product Preparation: HitCounter removed
  • PrestaShop - Marketplace Configuration: Fixed problem with showing all shipping methods
  • Attribute Matching: Fixed issue where not all matched attributes were saved
  • eBay Synchronize External Items checkbox removed
  • eBay - Product - Upload: Transferring weight of product by upload
  • eBay - Preparation: Fix white page problem after saving preparation
  • PrestaShop - Marketplace Configuration: Fix a problem with showing correct tab by missing configuration
  • - Inventory: Product links to fixed
  • All Marketplaces - Attribute Matching: PrestaShop: Show weight and dimensions extra unit attributes
  • eBay - Preparation: A rare problem by loading a category attribute is fixed
  • Idealo - PrestaShop - Product - Upload: Send a specific URL for each variation of product
  • OTTO - Configuration: Fix PHP notices by new configuration

Legal compliance

Regolamento generale sulla protezione dei dati (GDPR)

Questo modulo è conforme al Regolamento generale europeo sulla protezione dei dati.

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