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Ebay Master Key

Modulo Ebay Master Key

Sviluppato da Community developer
V1.6.0.V4 - 8.0.2
Dalla V1.6.0.4 alla V8.0.2


Ebay is a global marketplace. Ebay Master Key module opens opportunity for you to list and sell your products to streams of international customers already akin to the eBay brand and easily synchronize your orders, stocks with your Prestashop Store.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre

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Ebay Mastekey module opens door to streams of orders from Ebay. Your total daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales volume will increase by a very large margin, from 100% to more than 500% depending on your kind of product and dedication to your store.
Stress-free synchronization of orders, stocks and product details and features with your eBay store; when you update a product listed product in your Prestashop store, it will instantly synchronize with your eBay store.
Sale your Prestashop products to streams of Ebay customers from around the world and make great profit.

Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

Your worldwide customers can view your products listed on eBay. You can reach larger customer base and gain new customers by listing your products on eBay.


Installation is very easy.  Just a click away.
There is no special requirement for the installation of EBay masterkey module. 

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Versioni compatibili con PrestaShop

V1.6.0.4 - V8.0.2

Compatibilità multi-negozio 


Versione modulo

V 1.0.0

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Community developer

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  • Ebay Master Key module opens opportunity for you to list and sell your Prestashop store products on Ebay store and easily synchronize orders, product stocks etc.
  • The module is easy to install and configure. The process of configuring and obtaining access token is very simple and there are notes within the configuration page to guard you.
  • You can easily match your Prestashop categories with eBay category, create profile and add item aspects and specifics/features.  You can choose between using Prestashop feature in product backoffice  or the pre-loaded item aspects from eBay.
  • All eBay required item policies (Payment policies, return policies, fulfillment policy) are configurable from within this Ebay Masterkey  module.
  • Ebay Masterkey offers you opportunity to match your Prestashop carriers with eBay carriers for easy order synchronization.
  • You can list simple product without combination and also list products with combinations.
  • You have links of listed items from within your Prestashop backoffice. You can manually synchronize products individually, by category or all products.
  • List Prestashop product on eBay store in any locality. The locality is selectable from your configuration page.
  • Ebay Masterkey two dot zero uses the latest Ebay Selling API and have all the Products and product stoct are synchronized on product save /update.
  • Token changes every 7200seconds but you do not have to manually obtain fresh eBay access token, the module automatically checks if the token has expired and obtain fresh access token for you.
  • The expiry date of the “Refresh Expires” is plainly stated on the configuration page, you can take note of it and put up on your calendar.  And there is a button to “Refresh the access Token” when it expires.
  • It module offers you opportunity to test any feature without breaking anything. You can test all the features of this module with the provided Ebay Master key sandbox feature. 

Novità nella versione 1.0.0(07/08/2022)

  • Clean version, initiate .....
  • Clean up translation, escaped HTML where necessary and resolved other issues
  • Updated configuration page with readable directions and notes
  • Validated all fields that are required
  • Cleaned up possible errors and warnings.
  • Added more notes within the module settings and pages.
  • Added new helper notes on Payment Policy page, Category & Policy Profile page, Fulfillment Policy Page.
  • Made updates on issues relating to deleting of policy without PolicyId.
  • Fixed PHP code standard warnings
  • Fixed warnings and added more notes on the configuration and settings pages.
  • Added support for Prestashop 8.0.0

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