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Guide pratique du référencement naturel - SEO

Guide pratique du référencement naturel - SEO

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 The powerful options offered by PrestaShop, combined with the recognized and proved expertise
of in generating qualified traffic for e-commerce sites, make this white
paper a valuable source of effective practical advice to help you understand the keys to properly
using SEO for your online business.


It is organized into five main chapters. First, we'll talk about your keywords, your home page and
your product pages.
We'll also describe the tools that we use every day and the link strategies we set up for our
We do all this with one simple goal: to make you better than your competitors.
After all, "getting ranked higher on Google" just means that you've optimized your site more
effectively than the competition.
Competition on Google is pure and perfect, and only really offers visibility to the first 10 results
that come up for any given keyword. This means that only sites taking advantage of
e-commerce software and advanced SEO techniques can hope to achieve such visibility.
With this white paper, PrestaShop and aim to share with you the method they consider most effective.
Download your SEO White Paper for FREE and imporove your visibility on Search Engines !

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore, PrestaShop


Scopri tutti i moduli sviluppati da Prestashop e aggiungi al tuo negozio online:

- le modalità di pagamento per conquistare nuovi clienti, 

- le funzionalità per aumentare il tuo traffico e le tue vendite, 

- le soluzioni logistiche per migliorare il trasporto e la consegna dei tuoi ordini e la soddisfazione dei tuoi -clienti, 

- e se strumenti per facilitare i tuoi compiti quotidiani e risparmiare tempo!

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