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On backorder management

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Greatly improves the management of orders containing both in-stock and out-of-stock products.

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The perfect pack to improve (or start) the sale of products out of stock.
The possibility of ordering products out of stock is really good for the customer if everything is clear and well explained. This greatly reduces the frustration of the customer who cannot order the product he can see on your store. If the customer is not in a hurry, he may want to place a large order all at once, or order in advance, when he wishes.
This also allows you to better know the important products and better manage your stock.
If the "authorize the sale of out-of-stock product" option is activated on your shop, you will receive orders containing both in-stock and out-of-stock products.
This pack is perfect for improving the management of this very complicated type of order.
It is made up of 2 modules:
- On backorder: send available products first
When a customer make an order containing both products in stock and products out of stock, this module gives the customer the possibility of requesting to have the products in stock shipped first and the products out of stock later, simply by checking a box.
Back office side, if the box is checked, the order will be divided into 2 linked orders. 1 single payment but 2 orders. One containing all the products out of stock with the state "on backorder", which will be put on hold until receipt of the new stock. And the other with the "payment accepted" state that you can send.
- Auto update On backorder status: when products get in stock
This module allows you to very easily manage orders "on backorder": When you receive new stock, the module will automatically update the state of these orders if they are complete for shipping. The state will then go into "payment accepted" and you can send them.
With this pack, the authorization to order products out of stock will therefore be completely invisible and will have no impact on your shipping logistics. Simply purchases will be impacted. There is therefore no longer reason to not allow this option.


Side bakoffice and configuration: the installation of this module is very simple and requires no technical knowledge.
Frontoffice side: this module will add a hook on your cart page containing text and a checkbox. The display may not be optimized if you have a particular Template on your shop. It may be necessary to make some changes. 

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Important:This module does not automatically add the column on the cart with the green and orange “check” to explain which products are in stock and out of stock in the order. We cannot integrate this feature because it is a modification of the Template. However, we give in the PDF documentation of the module an explanation on how to implement this feature. If you use the default prestashop template, it will be very easy to set up. If you use another template, you will have to adapt the display of this file.
We can on request make a quote for the installation and the complete configuration of this module according to your template: display icons to know the products in stock and out of stock on the shopping cart page and / or on the product page. Modification of delivery times displayed if the order contains products out of stock, display on the FrontOffice all the information needed to improve the understanding of the customer, link to a page "delivery" with all the explanations ... Do not hesitate to contact us for having a quote.

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