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Orders Grid Extended

Modulo Orders Grid Extended

Sviluppato da BELVG
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Make sales grid more informative with this module. View items, purchases, prices and shipping info without moving to the order page.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre

The Orders Grid Enhanced module is an upgrade grid for your sales that allows you to browse through new ordes much faster and easier.

Installing PrestaShop grid extended, you will have essential order information right in front of you on one page. You don't need to switch to a different page for viewing product data, because it has already integrated into your orders grid.


Three main changes to a standard PrestaShop grid:
  • Adding a "Products" row  that  displays the list of products, purchases and their prices
  • Adding "Shipping info"  that displays customer  shipping address
  • Showing the purchased product image on rollover

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Orders Grid Extended
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Informazioni sullo sviluppatore, BELVG


If you are looking for a reliable technical solutions partner for your store, you’ve come to the right place. As an officially certified company and we are working on new modules and templates for over 4 years. We take pride in our coding practices as well as our support so if you want more from any of our modules – we are happy to customize your experience. We are glad to welcome you as our client and hope for long-term relationships with you!

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  • Compatibilità v1.4.11.0 - v1.6.0.11

  • Versione 1.1 (23/10/2013)

  • Disponibile in en

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