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Knowband - Android and iOS Mobile App Builder

Modulo Knowband - Android and iOS Mobile App Builder

Sviluppato da Knowband

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Go mobile with Android and iOS Mobile App Builder. Upgrade your site to the mobile platform and cater larger audience in a matter of moment.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre


Navigazione Facilita la navigazione dei tuoi utenti

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder for Android and iOS brings your entire eCommerce store at an arms distance of the target audience. Without starting from the scratch, the eCommerce owners can now upgrade their store from the desktop to handheld devices. All the admin needs to do is to install the Prestashop addon on their store. The mobile apps developed by Prestashop mobile app creator integrate with your store without the involvement of any manual synchronization. The eCommerce store owners can now go global with minimal effort.

  • The admin is offered full design control and a bundle of interactive app themes to choose from. The store owner can thus make the app as attractive and alluring as possible with Prestashop eCommerce mobile app maker. In addition, the web admin interface provides a plethora of customization options.
  • The unlimited push notification allows the e-merchants to keep the customers informed about the activities of the store with the promotional triggers.
  • The eCommerce mobile apps for Android and iOS has incorporated Zopim chat services that offer 24/7 support to the customers. This allows the store owners to create an intuitive and user-friendly environment.
  • The e-merchants can sell all types of products and offer all sorts of coupons on their eCommerce mobile app.


  • The Prestashop mobile application is built as per the requirement and need of the store admin.
  • A bundle of customizable themes and fonts are offered by Prestashop eCommerce mobile app maker which makes app visually attractive.
  • The web admin interface offers a number of customization option for store admin. The requirement of any custom changes can be reported to our support team. The changes will be incorporated accordingly.
  • These Prestashop Android and iOS apps are tablet and mobile optimized. They allow flawless customer interaction of the device they are using. The apps are compatible with Android version 4.2 (jelly bean) until latest Android version 8.0.0 (Oreo). The eCommerce app builder for Prestashop is currently compatible from iOS 9 to latest iOS version 12. 
  • The feature-packed mobile apps by Prestashop eCommerce mobile app developer comes with uncluttered category pages which retains the customers and ensures hassle-free transaction right from the time they visit the store till checking out.
  • Prestashop eCommerce app builder extension provides unlimited push notifications for store admin.
  • Along with multi-lingual support, Prestashop mobile app maker offers RTL language support as well. You can now take your business to a global platform with the automated translation update.
  • The retina-ready display of the mobile application showcases high-resolution images.
  • The social login options, simplified checkout and order tracking process of Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator ensures customer retention as well as higher revenue.
  • Prestashop eCommerce app builder provides voice search feature in mobile apps making search feature more user-friendly. 
  • Moreover, the wishlist option provided by Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder helps the visitors to save their products for later purchase.
  • Zopim chat support in apps allows store admin to provide 24/7 assistance directly to app users.
  • Prestashop android/iOS app builder is compatible with all sorts of coupons and payment as well as shipping methods.
  • Prestashop mobile app builder for android/iOS has single page checkout which provides simplified order placing experience to users. 
  • App users can even track placed orders with the mobile application. This reduces user's insecurities regarding product delivery.

Check this link to view our Demo app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.velsof.prestashopgenericapp
Note: Wishlist Feature is not available for Prestashop 1.7 because there is no default module of wishlist available in Prestashop 1.7 like as Prestashop 1.6

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Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

  • The mobile apps are compatible with both Android and iOS. Not just this, the applications work uninterrupted in smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and others.
  • The quick navigation and user-friendly interface provide at par user experience. The Android apps even offer voice search that makes it even easier for the users to browse the store.
  • The 24/7 chat services allow them to get the issues resolved by the support team.
  • The high-resolution images provide them a better view of the products.
  • Simplified check in and check out process saves a lot of time and efforts of the online shoppers.
  • The order tracking feature allows them to keep a track on their package throughout.

Supporto e aggiornamenti

Disponi automaticamente di 3 mesi di supporto per questo prodotto.

Per 90 giorni dopo l'acquisto, benefici di un'assistenza tecnica e funzionale, oltre che dell'accesso agli aggiornamenti disponibili per questo prodotto.

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Che cos'è l'Opzione Zen?

L'opzione Zen comprende due servizi:

  • un supporto post-vendita illimitato durante il periodo coperto dall'opzione;
  • l’accesso a tutti gli aggiornamenti di questo prodotto durante questo periodo.

L'Opzione Zen è disponibile a un prezzo vantaggioso al momento dell'acquisto di questo prodotto e, in caso di ripensamenti, puoi ottenerla anche dopo l'acquisto a partire dal tuo account. rnÈ valida per un anno a partire dalla data di acquisto del prodotto. Prima l'acquisti, più a lungo ne approfitti!

Cosa include l'opzione Zen?

L'Opzione Zen comprende:

  • le domande relative all'utilizzo del modulo/tema;
  • la risoluzione di eventuali problemi tecnici legati al modulo/tema;
  • accesso a tutti gli aggiornamenti del modulo/tema.

L'Opzione Zen non comprende le seguenti prestazioni:

  • la personalizzazione e lo sviluppo specifico;
  • le prestazioni di installazione e di aggiornamento del modulo/tema;
  • la risoluzione di problemi relativi a servizi esterni, l'hosting, il server o, ancora, il software PrestaShop.

Novità nella versione 2.0.5(03/10/2018)

  • [FIX] Minor Bug Fixes

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore, Knowband


Our team of skilled and experienced developers has been working on Prestashop for more than 8 years. Velocity has been developing plugins under the brand name of Knowband for over 3 years and has more than 50 Plugins for Prestashop.

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  • Compatibilità v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.4.4

  • Versione 2.0.5 (03/10/2018)

  • Disponibile in en ar bg cs de el es fi fr hu it nl pl pt ro ru sk sv tr uk

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