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1-Click PrestaShop Upgrade 1.6 to 1.7

Modulo 1-Click PrestaShop Upgrade 1.6 to 1.7

Sviluppato da Community developer
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Upgrade your shop to the latest version of PrestaShop in one click with 1-Click PrestaShop Upgrade 1.6 to 1.7. It's the best module to transfer your products, categories and orders, all languages and all currencies and much more to latest version 1.7

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre


Produttività Ti fa guadagnare tempo

You can import this data and save many times:
  • Languages
  • Image types
  • Categories
  • Attribute group
  • Attributes
  • Features
  • Manufacturers
  • Products
  • Customer passwords (users can login with same data access)
  • Product accessories
  • Specific prices
  • Specific price rules
  • Customers
  • Currencies
  • Deliveries
  • Carriers
  • Carts
  • Cart rules
  • Orders
  • Order invoices
  • Orders details


  • Fast export of products/orders/categories/customers/carriers/carts/specific prices to the latest version of PrestaShop.

We've already moved a few stores to PrestaShop 1.7. There are often situations where the module needs to be prepared for each store separately.

All the shops that bought the module were successfully transferred and there is not a single store that could not migrate to 1.7. Nevertheless, each time it is an individual job that can not be automated, no matter how hard we try.

If you shop has more than:
  • 1000 products
  • 100 categories
  • 1000 clients
  • 1000 carts
  • 1000 orders
  • more than 5 languages.

If you have other values ​​in stores that exceed 1000 units, each field above the limit costs 1 cent.
For example, you have 9000 products, the remaining limits are not exceeded. So you will need to pay an additional 80 euros.

This is necessary to ensure data integrity and quality.

You can perform the import yourself and do not pay extra fees for exceeding the limits, but we can not guarantee the ideal work, the accuracy of the data import and the ability to import them.
You can pay the withdrawal limit on the limits later, if you so wish.
In any case, you can write to us and we will try to solve your problem, if it arises. We are constantly updating the module and making new improvements.
All the shops that bought the module have been successfully imported to the latest version of 1.7, as we are doing permanent improvements, in compatibility and this is a custom development.

Acquistati di solito insieme

Aggiungi "1-Click PrestaShop Upgrade 1.6 to 1.7 " al carrello insieme a:

  • The best solution to delete unused images with one click.

  • Pretty URL di PrestaShop rende lei URL del tuo negozio adatte al SEO rimuovendo ID e numeri dalle URL dei tuoi prodotti, categorie, CMS e produttori. Fa un reindirizzamento 301 automatico dalle url vecchie a quelle nuove per evitare errori 404.



The module uses the web services mechanism and therefore enjoy all the advantages of web services.

Before import, you have to feel two fields. First - link to shop from which you want to import.
Second - webservice key.

If you like/help 1-Click PrestaShop Upgrade 1.6 to 1.7 please rate him, we really appreciate it.

Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

Your customers will benefit from the latest version of PrestaShop.


  • 1-Click PrestaShop Upgrade 1.6 to 1.7 is perfect for migrating your store from PrestaShop version 1.6 to version 1.7
  • In addition, you can try to update the store from version PrestaShop 1.4 to 1.5 or 1.6 and then import the products to 1.7
  • If you are unsure or you do not have enough technical skills, you can apply for support to us and we will offer you an individual solution for the migration of your store.
  • This module has been tested in several stores, with a different large number of products.
  • The module is most likely not suitable for importing a large number of goods, updating prices/ quantity/stock balances, but we will consider this possibility in the future.
  • We will develop the module further and add new functionality and speed up its operation.
  • IMPORTANT, the module does not import everything from the database.
  • IMPORTANT, сurrently the module does not support import/export of multi-store.

Supporto e aggiornamenti

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L'Opzione Zen è disponibile a un prezzo vantaggioso al momento dell'acquisto di questo prodotto e, in caso di ripensamenti, puoi ottenerla anche dopo l'acquisto a partire dal tuo account. rnÈ valida per un anno a partire dalla data di acquisto del prodotto. Prima l'acquisti, più a lungo ne approfitti!

Cosa include l'opzione Zen?

L'Opzione Zen comprende:

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L'Opzione Zen non comprende le seguenti prestazioni:

  • la personalizzazione e lo sviluppo specifico;
  • le prestazioni di installazione e di aggiornamento del modulo/tema;
  • la risoluzione di problemi relativi a servizi esterni, l'hosting, il server o, ancora, il software PrestaShop.


1-Click PrestaShop Upgrade 1.6 to 1.7 is installed like any other module. Simply upload your archive to install it.

Novità nella versione 1.5.10(01/05/2018)

  • [FIXED] - order and customer registration dates are not replaced by current date during import.

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore

Community developer

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  • Compatibilità v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.4.0

  • Versione 1.5.10 (01/05/2018)

  • Disponibile in en

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