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V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8
Dalla V1.6.0.4 alla V1.7.8.8


The module allows you to display product stats - sales and views - on the product pages and listings (category, search, best sellers)
The stats can be true or enhanced - you are able to create groups with products or categories and their own settings

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre

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  • sales counter let you show which products are popular, works great with in-stock counter, creating pressure to buy, before the stock runs out
  • views counter, that actually changes with every page refresh, indicate that product is watched by other visitors, also creating pressure to buy
  • both sales & views increase trust of the store, because the user will know that he is not the only one interested in the product
  • you are able to select multiplication and flat increase and their value, for groups of products (categories or product selection) depending on what currently is needed, for example increase sales stats by 1.5 or add a flat value of views by 25. The real number is going to be calculated according to these stats.
  • it is possible to select timeframes (time unit and amount) of the stats that will be loaded
  • after clicking on the sales and views counter on the product page, a modal will be opened with more details:
  •  views will tell the user that the views are related to just the currently watched product and only it,
  •  sales will display a list of masked customers’ names, in case there are real and generated stats loaded, it will be shuffled and impossible to distinct one from the other.
  • Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

    • you will be able to show your customers which products are important
    • it will be possible to increase the attractiveness of the products by enhancing their stats
    • allows to create pressure to order before the product runs out of stock
    • increase the trust of your store, by highlighting it's popularity


  • Download the .zip file, included to the order,
  • Upload it on the module's screen in the back office of your store.
  • The module is ready to work and already displays the true stats
  • You are able to change the installation method - with manual, you can put the counters anywhere on site and the duration on how many days the stats are kept in the database
  • Using a new element in the back office menu, you can add more groups and assign their settings, to enhance the stats.
  • Everything is explained in configuration, including screenshots.
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    Versioni compatibili con PrestaShop

    V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8

    Compatibilità multi-negozio 


    Versione modulo

    V 1.1.15

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    Analytics & Statistiche


    • displays product stats - sales and views - on the product pages
    • displays product stats - sales and views - on the listings pages (category, best-sellers, new products and similar),
    • allows the store owner to set up groups of settings, per specific products or categories to enhance the stats
    • displays a list of the users that have ordered the product - masks the true customer names, generates new sales (name and time) if the stats are enhanced, and shuffles both together


    The module will work fine with any store, right after the installation.
    Works great with stock counters - combining the items left in stock counter, with the counter of the product sales in the recent time will help you with the conversion rates.

    Novità nella versione 1.1.15(10/12/2022)

    • [1.1.14] - Intial release
    • [1.1.15] - Additional back office validation

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