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Search by profile

Modulo Search by profile

Sviluppato da Community developer
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Offer a new shopping experience to your customers by offering them their personalized shop according to their preferences.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre


Navigazione Facilita le ricerche degli utenti sul tuo sito

The Search by Profil module allows your customers to create and keep in their account one or several profiles corresponding to their tastes and criteria: size, colors, materials, styles, sizes ...

Quick and simple to fill, the profiles generate an automatic sorting that allows each customer to locate throughout the shop the items that correspond to him with a color label, but also to ONLY view the articles that correspond to it on a dedicated page called "my Catalog".

Search by profile allows you:
  • encourage favorite shopping by allowing everyone to immediately identify items matching their criteria
  • to increase the pleasure time spent on the shop by considerably reducing the search time
  • to offer each customer a simple management of his purchases, for him and each of his relatives
  • to inform each customer of any novelty corresponding to his / her profiles
  • to propose to receive offers of your partners based on its criteria, in the respect of the GPDR


  • Creating a questionnaire based on attribute groups and / or features of your products
  • Ability to prioritize answers
  • Possibility of multiple responses
  • Choice of options on the dedicated page, the pop-up, ...

Acquistati di solito insieme

Aggiungi "Search by profile" al carrello insieme a:

  • Con il modulo Banner dei Cookie + CMS sviluppato da PrestaShop, rispetti i requisiti della legislazione europea in materia di cookie, mostrando sul tuo sito un banner d'informazione personalizzabile e configurabile in pochi clic.

  • Set up the official Facebook Pixel module to reach new potential customers and easily analyze the activity and performance of your shop! With the Pixel, create and export your product catalog in the Facebook Business Manager platform to manage your campaign and sell products through your Facebook Page or Instagram feed.


Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

Your customers will be able to:

  • Create one or more profiles by answering the questionnaire that you have set
  • immediately identify products that match their profiles with the color label that will appear on all products in all pages listing them
  • Have access to a page exclusively dedicated to their preferences where a sorting by profiles and categories will be proposed to them
  • Receive offers for new products that correspond to them (optional)
  • Receive offers from partners that match their (optional)


Your theme should use Bootstrap and Jquery for the module to work

Legal compliance

Regolamento generale sulla protezione dei dati (GDPR)

Questo modulo è conforme al Regolamento generale europeo sulla protezione dei dati.

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Novità nella versione 1.0.2(26/03/2019)

  • Add a new choice "All categories" for the default category of the dedicated page

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore

Community developer

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  • Compatibilità v1.7.1.0 - v1.7.5.2

  • Versione 1.0.2 (26/03/2019)

  • Disponibile in en fr

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