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At DatMean we are specialists in valuing your Data.

Data is becoming one of the main ASSETS of companies.

You have millions of data points: browsing, buying, querying or download data, generated daily by your users visiting your store, Transactional, NON-PERSONAL Data of enormous value.

The most digitally advanced e-commerces are already turning that data into new and profitable revenue lines so far never thought out.

Datmean is Europe's only 2ndParty Data marketplace that helps businesses of any size monetize audience data from their website or app into a transparent and secure model

We monetize your data. activating it through programmatic advertising and other intelligence and value data services.

But your data as such is not immediately productive. To make them truly activable we must add, clean and sort them through aroa©, our proprietary and exclusive platform, to be able to integrate them into the technological ecosystem and be able to market them on your behalf to generate revenue.

In addition, through this analysis we will be able to help you get to know your users better and their decision-making cycle to increase traffic, the quality of your visits and conversion.

Ciò che questo servizio ti offre

headset Consente di fidelizzare i tuoi clienti
“We democratize the use of big data”
1. INCOME: For the first time a company helps you generate revenue by monetizing the users who enter your website.

2. SAFETY: The process is 100% compliance according to the new GDPR and the Transparency & Consent Framework of IAB Europe.

3. TRANSPARENCY: The management is completely transparent: at all times you will be able to control the use that is being made of your data in real time through our Dashboard.

4. INSIGHTS: From the data transferred we will generate insights that will allow you to get to know better your users inside and outside your store so that you can optimize your recruitment and loyalty resources and increase your sales.

5. PRIVACY: The information is always anonymous, no personal data of any individual is collected.

6. SIMPLICITY: Your Page layout won't change anything. You don't need to put any advertising on your website.

7. BIG DATA: Enter the world of Big-Data without spending a lot of money on technology.

8. RELEVANCE: You can reduce advertising in your website or make it more relevant. You will improve the image of your brand and your website by eliminating intrusive advertising or replacing it with personalized and relevant communications.

9. FREEDOM: You decide the time you want to collaborate with us, there is no minimum period of permanence.

Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

Join our Marketplace and start leveraging your data!

More than 90,000,000 data collected each day from more than 1,000 agreements with DataPartners like you, which already get an economic performance by activating their NON-PERSONAL data in a controlled, transparent, secure and GDPR compliant environment.


Our service does not require installation.


For whom

E-commerces from all sectors and sizes. The key to the value of DatMean Data is granularity. It doesn't matter the volume of data you handle, but the information is relevant, up-to-date, true and GDPR compliant

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We ingest your data and once cured, classified and anonymized we market it both for activation in advertising campaigns through our independent TradingDesk and for projects of Audience Discovery, Insights Analysis and Data Enrichment (DMP)

Always with the highest Security and BrandSafety standards.

And all this while you maintain real-time information about who, when and where your data is being activated through our Dashboard.

Non-personal data sale
Audience monetization
Knowledge of your users
Improving the decision-making process
Control the pixelation of your page
Relevant communications
Reduces advertising noise

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