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Paga Más Tarde

Modulo Paga Más Tarde

Sviluppato da PrestaShop Partners
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Offer your Clients the option to break the payment down into as many as 12 installments and increase your eCommerce sales with Paga+Tarde, the leading solution in Spain for instant single-channel financing. 

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre


Conversioni Incoraggia chi visita il tuo negozio a completare l'acquisto


Conversioni Pagamenti a rate per i tuoi clienti

Make your Sales Skyrocket
With Paga+Tarde as the means of payment in your eCommerce checkout, you will increase sales on the online channel and your client’s exchange rate at the checkout will increase to more than 60%.

Increase in Average Spend
Paga+Tarde in your electronic business will increase the average spend. The reason? Not all your clients can buy the most expensive products. But by offering the payment in as many as 12 installments with Paga+Tarde, many clients will be able to afford much more expensive products.

Promotional and Marketing Tool
With Paga+Tarde you will be able to generate seasonal campaigns such as “0% finance for one week only”, bearing the interest as a business for a certain period. From BackOffice itself in Paga+Tarde, simple and complete control.

Secure payment
As a business, we will pay you 100% of the purchase financed by your client the next day, as a card operation. 100% secure!


With Paga+Tarde you will increase your client’s average online spend and the exchange rate in your business’s checkout by more than 60%. With Paga+Tarde there is no paperwork, it is a 100% online and immediate service. You will receive the payment the day after the purchase.

Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

With Paga+Tarde, your client you choose to finance their purchase in your business as another means of payment:
  • Deferral of the payment of their purchase into up to 12 installments.
  • Transparency and set fees throughout the life of the financing.
No paperwork, 100% online and immediate decision.


In 3 simple steps, you can now finance in your eCommerce:
  • Step 1: Create a free Merchant account with Paga+Tarde.
  • Step 2: Install the LoanShop module on the installation menu.
  • Step 3: Configure it with your Paga+Tarde account passwords.
And it’s ready to use!

Novità nella versione 6.2.2(12/04/2018)

  • Price modifier attribute, simulator reload
  • Payment Confirmation hook
  • OnePageCheckoutPS logo + Compatibility
  • Return Url back to payment step 3
  • Upgraded all tests to latest version + dependencies
  • Add canonical URL option to backoffice
  • Notification amount error generate payment error + message
  • Improved simulator in product page
  • Simulator not shown if amount < min amount

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PrestaShop Partners

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  • Compatibilità v1.3.0.1 - v1.7.4.0

  • Versione 6.2.2 (12/04/2018)

  • Scarica 1729

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