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Automated 404 Redirect

Module Automated 404 Redirect

Développé par Community developer
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This simple and easy to use module let's you effortlessly and automatically manage all the broken links on your shop and turn them into conversions.

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Navigation Facilite les recherches des utilisateurs sur votre site

Broken links are an unavoidable part of a shop. You will have old deleted products, categories, pages etc. And there will be the occasional broken link from other sites. And if you have updated your shop the some URLs will likely change. A page not found or a product not found error is a dreaded thing, in most cases the customer will simply close the tab and move on.
But with this simple module you can turn these pages to conversions. It is really easy to use and requires almost no intervention from you. You just install it and let it work. It does this by running on any broken link (404 page not found, inactive product, category etc.) and extracting the keywords from the url. It then redirects the user to your site's search page searching with these keywords. This way the user will see a list of products similar to what he was looking for instead of an error page.


  • Manage keywords to ignore
  • Set minimum keyword length
  • Manage action for bots

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The customers would be spending less time looking for the product they look for. The module reduces the steps needed for the customer to search for the product they want.

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The module does not require any additional steps, simply upload & install. No overrides to worry about.

Nouveautés de la version 1.5.2(31/03/2018)

  • Compatibility with 1.7

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Community developer

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Avantages :

  • Compatibilité v1.5.1.0 - v1.7.3.1

  • Version 1.5.2 (31/03/2018)

  • Disponible en en

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