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SEO | Improves search engine with redirects

Module SEO | Improves search engine with redirects

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Eliminate 404 errors that affect your search engine positioning, with simple and easy to manage redirects. Position your store among the first.

Ce que ce produit vous apporte


Trafic Optimise le référencement naturel (SEO) sur tous les moteurs de recherche

Improve and optimize your positioning in search engines, avoiding 404 errors (Page not found) by redirections type 301/302 (as you have configured your store Prestashop).
Properly manage pages with 404 errors, improve your search engine positioning, coming out among the top search posts.

Relative redirections
The addresses are relative, which makes you careless about the protocol (HTTP and HTTPS), whether or not it includes the www, or the domain. The Module detects all these parameters and redirects always in a positive way.

Number of redirects
You can create as many as you need, in the configuration area of ​​the module, you have the details of all the redirections, you can also eliminate those that are obsolete.

The module is optimized so that the redirection does not affect the loading time of your store.

Type of redirections
You do not have to worry because redirection type you should indicate. The module will apply the one for which the Prestashop store is configured.

You can modify the type of redirection applied in:
PS 1.6+: Menu> Preferences> SEO + URL's> URL's configuration> Redirect to the canonical URL> Indicates what type of redirection you want the module to apply.
PS 1.7+: Menu> Store parameters> Traffic & SEO> URL configuration> Redirect to the canonical URL> Indicates what type of redirection you want the module to apply.

Total redirections
The module applies full redirects, you can redirect any address that reaches your Prestashop store, whether it is native or from third parties.

Create redirects
To redirect urls you just have to go to the configuration screen of the module, and indicate the objective relative url, and the relative url of destination, finally, you must save the redirection. It will immediately appear in the lower list.
If you create the redirection for the first time, it will indicate a creation confirmation message; if the redirection already existed, it will indicate a message to update the redirection.

Error detection
You can detect the errors that your clients find from: PS 1.6+ and PS 1.7+: Menu> Statistics> Pages not found.
You just have to copy the relative url of the page not found, and redirect it with the module to one that does work.

Control of url's and warnings
The module tells you if the relative url is wrong, if both are equal or if it is not relative.


  • Elimination of 404 errors.
  • Redirections type 301 or 302, depending on how the store is configured for development or production.
  • Improve the positioning of your online store.
  • Optimize page load performance.
  • Your customers will not see errors in the store.
  • Search engines will value your store as properly managed, and position your online store in better positions in the search output grids.
  • You can take advantage of the positioning of old pages that are no longer in production to redirect to correct pages.
  • Unlimited Redirections.
  • Direct and positive impact on sales, url's management and positioning.
  • Redirect any type of url from your Prestashop store, be they native or third-party URLs.
  • Error Control System.
  • Supports multi-shop and multi-language.

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You will avoid that your clients find errors in your online store, which causes a deterioration of the brand image, creating distrust in your business, with a direct negative impact on your sales.


The overrides and the execution of non-native modules must be activated.
If not, the module will notify you.

Support et mises à jour

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Pendant 90 jours après achat, vous profitez d’un support technique et fonctionnel ainsi que de l’accès aux mises à jour disponibles pour ce produit.


Standard installation, Plug & Play.

Nouveautés de la version 1.0.0(09/12/2017)

  • Init version

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Community developer

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Avantages :

  • Compatibilité v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.2.5

  • Version 1.0.0 (09/12/2017)

  • Disponible en en es gb

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