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Livebeep Module

Module Livebeep Module

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LiveBeep is a powerful communication and marketing software that will let you manage your business strategies efficiently. With LiveBeep you will optimize the performance of your website, receiveing two to three times more inquiries.

Ce que ce produit vous apporte


Conversions Facilite le commerce B2B

How does it work?
Once LiveBeep has been installed and configured on your web site, an online contact invitation will be activated with the corporate image of your company and operator profile details. This invitation will provide immediate and personalized assistance to each visitor landing to your website during 24 hours.

Subsequently, our sales team will guide you through the configuration and operation of our marketing tools, consistent with the needs of your business.

Unlike other online traditional contact system, LiveBeep will allow you to program and configure its invitations and other marketing tools according to the origin, language and other characteristics of the visitor. This highly effective ingredient will allow you to get a high rate of lead generation.


Give assistance
Respond visitors' inquiries quickly, and convert visits into sales. Why leave empty your commercial office on the web?
Keep your customers updated with newsletters and promotions. Effective communication is essential to any business.
Take advantage of information technology to save time. Create automatic replies to the frequently asked questions of your prospects.
Manage the marketing strategy of your website and the performance of your sales team from a single tool.

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  • Version 1.0.0 (12/01/2018)

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