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Chatrify Live Chat Integration

Module Chatrify Live Chat Integration

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Chatrify allows you to engage your website visitors using live chat, convert them to customers, and provide excellent customer support.

Ce que ce produit vous apporte


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Provide real-time support to your online visitors

Businesses that use Chatrify live chat software typically see increased conversions

Track visitor information and approach potential customers directly.

Chat with your customers using desktop or mobile devices.

Measure the speed of your agents' responses and work towards faster customer support

Chatrify live chat software enables businesses to provide higher levels of customer support while decreasing handling costs.


Chatrify live chat software allows you to support multiple websites with The Agent Dashboard for added convenience and ease of use. The look and feel of the chat app can be customized to match each respective website.

Chatrify live chat software helps your website visitors in real time. It resolves their queries, addresses their concerns, and offers them quick solutions. Chatrify live chat software accepts multiple chat requests and improves your customer support efficiency by helping multiple customers simultaneously.

Chatrify live chat software enhances the quality of your support by instantly sharing relevant files, including image and text files, through the chat interface. Your customers can also share files, including screen shots and videos, to help you understand the nature of the situation they are facing. File sharing saves time by helping both the agent and the customer communicate more efficiently, reducing the need to type long messages.

Chatrify live chat software stores all customer chats automatically for future reference and review. You can quickly access and review your past communications with a particular visitor/customer and their information using the chat history feature.

Chatrify live chat software allows you to create canned responses for frequently asked questions such as: initial greetings, price, contact details, service related information, requesting information from the visitor, ending the chat and more. Canned responses improve your chat efficiency tremendously and keep the visitors happy with swift responses.

Chatrify live chat software’s I SPY feature works as a spy. It allows you to see what the visitors are typing in real time. This gives you time to prepare a prompt and impressive response.

Chatrify live chat software categorizes your chats with labels. Search your chats based on the labels or categories that you have created. Labeling chats improves the efficiency of archiving and retrieving chats.

With the Chatrify live chat software Conversation Notes you can add important information about your visitors/customers as notes that can be viewed only by the operators. This includes their past purchase details, frustration points, special concerns, etc. This is especially helpful when multiple chat operators are employed.

Chatrify live chat software’s Chat Transfer works by easily transferring a chat to another agent in a single click. This is useful when the scope of the chat is beyond the agent’s ability to assist, allowing you to escalate the visitor’s concerns to specialized agents or higher authorities. Chats can be transferred from general support agents to technical support agents or a billing team, or from a lower level support agent to the support manager.

Chatrify live chat software has special privileges for floor managers, who can supervise the chats without the visitor’s knowledge and provide the required support to the agent without the support notes appearing in the actual chat window.

Chatrify live chat software collects important initial information about the visitor such as customer ID (if any), the department with which the visitor wants to chat, and brief information about the nature of the query to ensure that the agent can help the visitor effectively. This information is also stored for future reference. Furthermore, get feedback and opinions from visitors on the chat experience at the end of the chat with post-chat forms, helping you serve your customers even better in the future.

Chatrify live chat software allows you to gather loads of important details that will help you gain crucial insights about your visitors and their behavior on your website and help you tailor future marketing efforts. Track visitors and follow their footprints on your website as they navigate. Understand the traffic pattern on your website. Set auto chat invitations based on the nature of your visitors. Access important details about your visitors from the operator’s window.

Auto Invite
Invite your visitors to chat when they are on your website, encouraging them to engage with you. You can set auto invites based on a variety of criteria such as Time, Visited Pages, Referrer, Geolocation, Nature of the visitor (first time or returning visitor), and Referral search engine keyword by setting up the criteria in the installation code. Within each criterion there are multiple options, which are listed below.

Proactively engage your website visitors for chat by sending out manual chat invitations if you do not want to use auto chat invites.

Greet your visitors with personalized messages designed to impress them. You can create personalized chat greetings to get the attention of the visitor and to increase the chances of response.

Integrate catchy graphics to get the attention of the visitors in your chat interface and increase the number of visitors that use the chat feature.

Impressive templates to match the look and feel of your website.

Chatrify  live chat software offers interesting color schemes that work well with your website, making customization of the chat interface fast and easy.

Set default text for various chat statuses including Offline Mode, Online Mode, Online Minimized Mode, Online Maximized Mode, Will Be Back Shortly Mode, and more.

Create customized offline messages to show when your operators are offline.

Many interesting graphic effects to choose from. Select the on-load effects of your choice to grab the attention of visitors when they land on your website.

Customize your chat widget’s size and position to suit your needs.

Allow customers to rate their chat experience and to leave feedback on the operator’s performance.

You can setup live chat support on your website in just seconds. Just copy and paste the HTML/JavaScript to the Prestashop's module configuration page.

The operator interface works seamlessly in all the popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and IE. You can choose to download desktop plugins for Mac and Windows. Your chat operators can login using all types of handheld devices too, including but not limited to Android Smartphones, Tablet PCs, iPhones, and iPads. Chatrify is simply mobile friendly. Your agents can provide support on the go!

Chatrify live chat software uses SSL (https://) security with 256 bit encryption. You are therefore absolutely safe with Chatrify.

Create a quick summary of past chats for up to seven days, which will include information such as the total number of chats, operator performance, visitor satisfaction, and more.

Create reports on the total number of chats handled based on various operators including all your agents, a specific operator, specific time slot, etc.

Get reports on operator performance, including visitor satisfaction.

Generate reports on queued visitors to understand how many visitors are queued at any given point of time so that you can make timely decisions about scaling up your live chat operations and adjusting the number of operators.

This feature gives you a complete picture of your overall chat availability status for your visitors.

Measure the success rate of your chat based on the goals you set, including, but not limited to sales and registration. You can also identify your team’s best performing support agent through this feature.

Analyze data from pre-chat and post-chat forms. Get a clear picture of your overall chat ratings, and gain a better understanding of your visitors’ areas of interest.

Use this feature to find the peak hours for chat so that you can increase the team size during those specified hours. Access 24-hour distribution of chats based on various parameters, such as visitor ratings, goals, visitor queues, etc.

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Ce que vos clients aimeront

  • With the eye-catching look and feel of Chatrify live chat software’s easy-to-use live chat software, your customer sees a sleek-looking widget on your website.
  • More than 76% of visitors need some form of online support while browsing
  • More than 50% of customers prefer to get support via live chat
  • More than 70% of customers are satisfied with live chat compared to phone or email


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Support et mises à jour

Vous bénéficiez automatiquement de 3 mois de support pour ce produit.

Pendant 90 jours après achat, vous profitez d’un support technique et fonctionnel ainsi que de l’accès aux mises à jour disponibles pour ce produit.

Garantissez le bon fonctionnement de ce produit sur votre boutique pendant 12 mois avec l'Option Zen !

Grâce à l’Option Zen, vous avez accès à TOUTES les mises à jour du produit pendant un an après achat. Le développeur du produit vous accompagne en répondant par mail à toutes vos questions techniques et fonctionnelles.

Qu’est-ce que l’Option Zen ?

L’option Zen comprend deux services :

  • un support après-vente illimité durant la période couverte par l’option ;
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L’Option Zen est disponible à un prix avantageux au moment de l’achat de ce produit, et, en cas de regret, vous pouvez aussi l’acquérir après l’achat de celui-ci, depuis votre compte client.rnElle est valable jusqu’à un an suivant la date de l’achat de votre produit. Plus tôt vous l’achetez, plus longtemps vous en profitez !

Qu'est-ce qui est inclus dans l'Option Zen ?

Sont inclus dans l’Option Zen :

  • les réponses à vos questions concernant l’utilisation du produit ;
  • la résolution de problèmes techniques liés au produit ;
  • l’accès à toutes les mises à jour proposées par le développeur.

Ne sont pas compris dans l’Option Zen :

  • la personnalisation et le développement spécifique ;
  • les prestations d’installation et de mise à jour du produit ;
  • la résolution de problèmes concernant des services tiers, l’hébergement, le serveur ou encore le logiciel PrestaShop.


  • Download the module from your account
  • Go to your shop's dashboard
  • Go to Modules
  • Click Add Module and select the archive you've downloaded from your computer
  • Install the module

Nouveautés de la version 1.0.1(03/04/2017)

  • Initial release

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Avantages :

  • 3 mois de support inclus (En savoir plus)
  • Développé par un Top Developer
  • Documentation incluse
  • Compatibilité v1.3.0.1 - v1.7.1.2

  • Version 1.0.1 (03/04/2017)

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