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Advanced Visibility Pack

Advanced Visibility Pack

Développé par Community developer
Popup newsletter and Sign-Up Reminder
Show Combination / Product Attribute List
Advanced Presta Search Pro


Advanced Visibility Pack contains 3 bestsellers that will increase the conversion in your store and increase sales, and will add functionality to Advanced Search, Product Attribute List in the directory and Power Pop-up Newsletter.

Ce que cette offre vous apporte


Panier moyen Augmente le panier moyen de vos clients


Advanced Visibility Pack solves the problem of visibility of products and add new features to your store that need to be shown first of all to customers and make them more convenient for viewing and ordering.

Détails du pack

Popup newsletter and Sign-Up Reminder

Développé par Community developer

Trafic Permet d'envoyer des newsletters à vos utilisateurs


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Show Combination / Product Attribute List

Développé par Community developer
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Conversions Valorise vos produits


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Advanced Presta Search Pro

Développé par Community developer
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Navigation Facilite les recherches des utilisateurs sur votre site


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Ce que vos clients aimeront

Advanced Search Pro:
  • Ability to search categories and manufacturers.
  • Option to specify custom search fields placeholder.
  • Option to specify custom root category name.
  • Allow excluding categories from product search.
  • Allow specifying category depth limit.
  • WidgetInterface to make possible attaching Presta Search to any hook.
  • New configuration settings for customizing search results preview.
  • More customization options for search results preview.
  • A huge number of options
  • Search by category
  • Search by product
  • Search by manufacturers
  • Result of search on a separate page
  • The ability to sort search results on a separate page.

Product Attribute List:
  • Your customers will be able to chose product attributes directly at the product list.
  • Show attributes at the list pages (category, search, best sellers, etc);
  • Image, price, discount, minimal quantity will change accordingly to chosen combination;
  • Discount change accordingly to chosen quantity;
  • Ability to set quantity of products;
  • Ability to add to shopping cart chosen combination directly from product list.

Popup Newsletter:
  • No need code knowledge to customize pop-up news for you.
  • Much more settings.
  • The module allows you to subscribe to the news, change the color, specify the date of birth, gender, name, which will allow you to segment your customers and make your email campaigns better.
  • You can specify the text size, start and end date of notifications, add an image and position it on the left or right.
  • Better UX.
  • It is possible to send notices to customers about the subscription.
  • You can specify a delay when pop-up news appears.
  • Save time



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  • Compatibilité v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.6.1

  • Traduit en EN

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