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PayPal Express Checkout

Module PayPal Express Checkout

Développé par Community developer
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A simplified checkout experience that keeps customers local to your website through the payment authorization process and lets them use their PayPal Balance, Bank Account, or Credit Card to pay without sharing sensitive information.

Ce que ce produit vous apporte

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  • Keep buyers on your website — Buyers can now pay with PayPal without leaving your website.
  • Simplified design — The new PayPal Express Checkout experience keeps buyers focused on what matters most, completing purchases quickly in 1 or 2 clicks.
  • Secure, with simplified PCI compliance — With Express Checkout, you can securely accept payments without complex PCI requirements. PayPal keeps customer payment data secure for you so your PayPal Express Checkout transactions are PCI compliant.
  • Consistent experience across devices — Deliver a trusted PayPal experience on PCs, tablets, or smart phones; to make mobile shopping familiar and faster, the checkout experience is optimized for the mobile screens.


Improved Checkout flow options
  • In-Context: Customers remain on your website, which ensures a natural and user-friendly checkout experience. This flow complements your existing payment solution and gives your buyers another way to pay. Online shoppers appreciate the convenience and security of PayPal.
  • Classic (standard): Implement a full-page redirection checkout flow to PayPal.com. Allows for more flexible checkout button customization.

Authorization and Capture Features
  • Automatic: The authorization and capture occurs at the same time as the sale.
  • Manual: Authorize the payment and capture the payment later. A 29-day valid period that begins when the buyer authorizes the payment. During this period, the authorization places the buyer's balance on hold to ensure that the payment amount is available for capture. When you are ready to capture the payment head to the Orders page and click on the PayPal Express Checkout Tab or you can visit PayPal.com (you can adjust capture amount if needed).
  • Custom design: Both of these modes include flexible custom design options

  • Partial or full refunds from the Back-Office

Ce que vos clients aimeront

  • One of the best advantages of PayPal Express Checkout is the ability to force the guest checkout experience for buyers, so they can make purchases using a credit card without logging in to a PayPal account. - PayPal Standard does allow people to pay with a credit card even if they don’t have a PayPal account, however, this is based on browser cookies.
  • PayPal Standard, by default, will leave the user at a paypal.com page once they have finished their payment and re-direct after 10 seconds. PayPal Express Checkout will always return the user back to your site with the In-Context checkout flow.
  • Customers will have a detailed order report on PayPal with items, discounts, tax, and shipping.


  • PHP 5.3 or above
  • JSON
  • OpenSSL
  • cURL

Support et mises à jour

Vous bénéficiez automatiquement de 3 mois de support pour ce produit.

Pendant 90 jours après achat, vous profitez d’un support technique et fonctionnel ainsi que de l’accès aux mises à jour disponibles pour ce produit.



You must have a PayPal Business or PayPal Premier account to use this module. There are no startup or termination costs.

Installation Instructions

1) Log in with your PayPal Account and click Dashboard in the top-right corner
2) PayPal Developer Portal
3) You will be directed to the My Apps & Credentials page. Scroll down to under the REST API Apps section, click Create App
4) On the Create New App page, provide a value for App Name and click Create App
5) Use your Client ID and Secret on this page to finish PayPal set-up
6) Sandbox and Live credentials are found on this page

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PayPal Express Checkout
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  • Community developer Développé par

    PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.2.4 Compatibilité

  • Community developer Développé par

    PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v1.6.1.17 Compatibilité

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    PrestaShop v1.5.3.1 - v1.7.2.4 Compatibilité

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Nouveautés de la version 1.0.1(21/11/2017)

  • Demo images update

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Community developer

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Avantages :

  • Compatibilité v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.2.4

  • Version 1.0.1 (21/11/2017)

  • Disponible en en

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