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PrestaBay — Amazon Marketplace Integration

Module PrestaBay — Amazon Marketplace Integration

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Native Amazon integration solution for your store. Product export, Inventory Control, Order Management, Automatic synchronization. Multiple amazon accounts, EU, North America and Australia marketplaces support. Sell on Amazon from your backoffice!

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PrestaBay Amazon Integration is fully integrated PrestaShop backend with key Amazon global marketplaces. Manage all your inventories, orders and customers from a single place.
  • Power at your fingertips — get full control of your data with a completely customizable solution
  • Available worldwide — sell your products on any of 7 available marketplaces and ship it using  'Amazon Prime' option
  • Real Time — automatic synchronization with cronjob guarantee that you do not miss any amazon sales
  • Ultra Fast — special amazon jobs actions allow updating more than 30000 products just in 10 minutes
  • Help right around the corner — we are doing our best to provide best customer service as possible, send your support request in your will get a response in next 24 hours


  • Export Products – fully configurable feature allow you export PrestaShop products to Amazon Marketplace with custom defined price and QTY.
  • Synchronization — flexible Stock Level Synchronization, including price synchronization and QTY reservation.
  • Order Import — all your amazon orders downloaded in PrestaShop and manage as normal order.
  • Amazon Dashboard — get full understanding what happens on amazon with special controlling dashboard
  • Amazon Jobs — special designed tasks for background handling on large amazon inventory.
  • Amazon Inventory — download current amazon Inventory and get full understanding what data you have on amazon.

Sending Product to Amazon
Allow export PrestaShop products to all supported Amazon marketplaces. Item should be known by Amazon marketplace (exist here) and PrestaShop product should have UPC/EAN code and Reference.
Please notice: creating new Amazon products currently not possible with a module. This feature will be available in next module versions.

Stock Level Synchronization, Auto-stop, and Auto-Relist possibility, Out-of-Stock Control, Resynchronize QTY and other types of synchronization options. Depending on your needs you have full control of your ebay listings.
Order Import
Downloads amazon orders and import it into PrestaShop. Manage order as a normal PrestaShop order. Send shipping confirmation to amazon with entered tracking code. Also, include Order Status mapping, so you are fully flexible how your amazon orders should be handled.

Unlimited amazon accounts
Possibility to add multiple amazon accounts, export any of products for all 7 amazon Marketplaces

Main Amazon Marketplaces
Support all main amazon marketplace: Amazon United Kingdom, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain, Amazon Germany, Amazon United States, Amazon Canada, Amazon Mexico, and Amazon Australia.

ASIN Search and Matching
Export products having only EAN/UPC code and automatically set ASIN code. Find ASIN code for your products.

Amazon Inventory
Automaticly download all amazon inventory available on your account, search over it inside your PrestaShop store and connect to PrestaShop products.

Technical Support
We take care to our product and help the customer if they have difficulty with its usage. Usually, we respond to all incoming tickets in first 8 hours, sometimes it's could take longer and you will get a response in next 24 hours.

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  • PrestaBay is high-end ebay native integration solution for your store. Inventory Control, Order Management, 22 ebay Marketplaces, Flexible ebay Category Mapping, Real Time ultra fast synchronization.

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Important features not supported by module:
  • Creating new Amazon ASIN code (you can connect PrestaShop product to Amazon item)
  • Sending multi-variation listings to amazon
  • Fulfillment by Amazon — you can see orders for amazon fulfillment, but no other functions possible

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Amazon account:
  • Professionals Amazon account in marketplace where you want to sell your product

Server requirements:
  • PHP versions: 5.3.x and higher
  • PrestaShop: 1.6.x and higher.
  • Required php extension: curl.
  • Suggested php configuration max_execution_time = 300 seconds (required to correctly run automatic synchronization)
  • Possibility to set cron job (if your server not allow you do this, please contact us)

Dispositions légales

Conformité RGPD

Ce module est conforme au Réglement européen sur la Protection des Données Personnelles.

Support et mises à jour

Vous bénéficiez automatiquement de 3 mois de support pour ce produit.

Pendant 90 jours après achat, vous profitez d’un support technique et fonctionnel ainsi que de l’accès aux mises à jour disponibles pour ce produit.

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L’option Zen comprend deux services :

  • un support après-vente illimité durant la période couverte par l’option ;
  • l’accès à toutes les mises à jour de ce produit pendant cette période.

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Qu'est-ce qui est inclus dans l'Option Zen ?

Sont inclus dans l’Option Zen :

  • les réponses à vos questions concernant l’utilisation du produit ;
  • la résolution de problèmes techniques liés au produit ;
  • l’accès à toutes les mises à jour proposées par le développeur.

Ne sont pas compris dans l’Option Zen :

  • la personnalisation et le développement spécifique ;
  • les prestations d’installation et de mise à jour du produit ;
  • la résolution de problèmes concernant des services tiers, l’hébergement, le serveur ou encore le logiciel PrestaShop.


Module installation very simple and request just a few steps.
  • Uploads module using "Modules" menu in your PrestaShop admin interface
  • Click on "Install" button
  • Access Module configuration page into "Catalog->Amazon (PrestaBay)"
After you finish the main installation please continue to our manual for the following steps.
You will need to do following:
  • Add your amazon account
  • Download amazon marketplace information
  • Create Selling List
  • Add few products into it
  • Send Product to Amazon

Nouveautés de la version 1.1.3(03/04/2019)

  • Enh: Allow update PS order price after order imported (update price)
  • Enh: Allow import amazon order by SKU-ID
  • Enh: Sorting for order grid should be done by id
  • New: Request to manually download amazon orders
  • Fix: Order in PS imported with 0 Price (not update price from new amazon information)
  • Fix: Order Log show not correct records

A propos du développeur, Involic


Involic is official PrestaShop agency specialized in developing integrations with global e-commerce platforms. Our way with PrestaShop started in 2011 and since that time we have a meaningful experience.

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Avantages :

  • 3 mois de support inclus (En savoir plus)
  • Développé par un Top Developer
  • Documentation incluse
  • Compatibilité v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.5.2

  • Version 1.1.3 (03/04/2019)

  • Disponible en en

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