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Delivery Time and Date

Module Delivery Time and Date

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One of the most advanced Delivery time and date module. Allow your customers to choose order delivery time (and date). It supports same day delivery where customer can choose remaining today’s times. Settings can be made for each day individually.

Ce que ce produit vous apporte


Conversions Propose un moyen de livraison adapté à vos clients

It can be used for date and time selection for each carrier and for each day individually. It does not matter what you sell, this module will fit your needs.

Same day delivery is available with this module. If you sell food, flowers, gifts this module (in most cases) is a must. You can choose order deadlines, preparation times, so your customers can select the right time for the delivery.

You can see what time and date was selected by a customer and easily update it if needed.

Have any ideas how we can improve this module? Just contact us, and we will implement new features in the upcoming releases.


This module allows your customers to select delivery date and time.
Module's Features
  • Individual settings for each carrier and each day.
  • Ability to use calendar for date selection + limit how many days can be chosen starting today, e.g. 10 days interval.
  • Preparation time in days. Allows to skip number of days starting today. Allows to set individual preparation time for each day and carrier, e.g. preparation time takes 3 days on Wednesdays instead after 18:00, instead of usual 2 days after 19:00.
  • Holidays allows you to set vacation days when delivery is not possible, e.g. Christmas. Also there is option for Easter holidays when month and day is calculated automatically.
  • Different display options: Date + time, date only, or time only. "Date only" select can be set per carrier and day individually, e.g. you can allow to select time for Monday and Thursday deliveries only, other days won't have time selection.
  • Ability to change date display format.
  • Ability to change time display format (12/24 hours).
  • You can change selected date and time in the order page in the Back Office.
  • Individual days can be set as inactive, e.g. Carrier A cannot deliver on Mondays.
  • Carrier configuration visualization in the table below the settings.
  • Calendar colors selection tool. You can match your calendar style to your theme's colors.
  • Ability to set required delivery time field. When enabled customer cannot proceed to Payment step until delivery time is selected.
  • Works with Webservices. Delivery date is attached to Order object.
  • Works when creating new Order via Back Office.

Selected time display positions:
  • Orders table in the Back Office.
  • Order details in the Back Office.
  • Order details in the Front Office (customer Orders).
  • Invoices (optional).
  • Delivery slip (optional).
  • Emails (optional). Supports email templates where parameter is used, e.g. order confirmation, New Order (mailalerts), etc.

Same day delivery:
  • Customer can select the today’s remaining times or next day’s times.
  • Preparation time. How much time do you need to prepare products for shipment.
  • Carrier pickup time. Used when you want to set “starting time” and deadline for same day delivery. Usually is used if orders are picked up by the carrier once a day.
  • Order deadline. The difference between “carrier pickup time”, is that order deadline does not “disallow” selecting earlier times, it just does not allow to buy if time is passed.

Time types:
  • Exact time with interval, e.g. every 15 minutes: 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45, 11:00, etc.
  • Time intervals, e.g.: 09:00 – 12:00, 12:00 – 15:00, 15:00 - 18:00.

Usage examples and explanations
Individual settings allows you to configure each carrier for each day, e.g. if you don’t ship on Sundays, you can disable this day. If you ship until 20:00 on regular days, but only until 18:00 on Fridays, you can set this too.
If you will use it without same day delivery, then configuring the module shouldn’t make any difficulties. If you use same day delivery, few explanations and examples are below:
Preparation time in minutes. You can set up how much time you need to prepare products. Simply it adds preparation time and current time, and gives customer the remaining times (or intervals) to select.
Order deadline. If you set the time, customer cannot choose same day delivery option if the time already passed. Notice: it does not add preparation time, e.g. your preparation time is 1 hour. If you want to disallow orders with same day delivery after 18:00, you need to set it to 17:00, because of 1 hour preparation time. Here we didn’t do auto calculation to give you more freedom.
Carrier pickup time. You can set up carrier pickup time to disallow time selection earlier than it can be delivered, e.g.:
Carrier arrives at 12:00 and delivers orders same day. Your customer cannot choose delivery time earlier than 12:00. If customer is shopping after 12:00, then he/she cannot choose same day delivery times, since your carrier already picked up orders for that day.

Preparation time in days:
If you need more time to prepare products, e.g. 2 days, you can set up preparation time in days. Then first day that can be selected for delivery will be after 2 days. Also you can set deadline to increase preparation days, e.g. you finish packaging at 18:00 and you need to increase preparation time by 1 day, because today's upcoming orders' preparation will start only tomorrow.

One page checkout modules compatibility:
  • One Page Checkout PS (Easy, Fast & Intuitive);
  • Will be more. If you are using any one page checkout module, let us know and we make it compatible at no additional cost.

Have any ideas how we can improve this module? Just contact us, and we will implement new features in the upcoming releases.

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Two overrides are used:
  • Order class. It allows to use delivery_time parameter in the Order object. This enables easier various implementations, e.g. getting it via Webservices together with other order information.
  • AdminOrderController. This is needed to display delivery day and time in the Orders table in the Back Office.

  • Both overrides are minimal and will work perfectly. If you have trouble with compatibility due to other modules overrides, let us know, we will help.

    Ce que vos clients aimeront

    Customers will love the ability to choose preferred delivery time (and date). User interface is simple and easy to use.

    Customers can see selected delivery time in:
    • Order details page.
    • Order confirmation email, or other emails that you will add. Additional string need to be added manually.

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    Un petit bug d'affichage qui a été très rapidement corrigé par l'équipe de dev!

    Laura M. - 05/11/2018

    Excellent module. S'installe facilement. Se paramètre facilement. J'ai demandé au développeur l'ajout d'une fonctionnalité nécessaire pour ma boutique, il s'en est occupé rapidement.

    Frédéric B. - 06/08/2018

    Développeur à l'écoute pour effectuer des changements.

    Jeremie K. - 18/01/2019

    Les avis ont été sélectionnés par le développeur de ce produit en fonction de la satisfaction exprimée par les clients.


    Module is installed with a single click. You will need only to configure the module before using it.

    Nouveautés de la version 3.0.0(22/02/2019)

    • [PS17] Fix calendar translations in Front Office.
    • Fix preselected (previously saved) date which is skipped due to preparation days.
    • Fix: prevent manual date change to one of the "skipped" preparation days.
    • [PS17] Change: Time selection moved above "Continue" button.
    • New Feature: Added more email template variables.
    • New Feature: Display delivery time in Delivery Slip.
    • New Feature: Ability to set preparation deadlines and days for each carrier and day individually.
    • New Feature: Date only select (without time) per carrier and day.
    • New Feature: Time only select (without date).
    • New Feature: Instant calendar display instead of input field.
    • Minor changes and fixes.

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    Community developer

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    Avantages :

    • 3 mois de support inclus (En savoir plus)
    • Développé par un Top Developer
    • Documentation incluse
    • Compatibilité v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.6.0

    • Version 3.0.0 (22/02/2019)

    • Traduit en EN, FR

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