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Module Persondoc

$5999 $5999

Module Persondoc

Développé par Community developer
V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.5.2
Increase your e-commerce sales by installing Persondoc.In one click all the customer share their full address and phone.Easy buying.Allow world users to sign in/up in one click.Make it easy for your customers.Happy customers, happy buying.
De V1.7.0.0 à V1.7.5.2

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$5999 $5999


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Increase your e-commerce sales by installing Persondoc.
In one click all the customer share their full address and phone.
Easy buying.
Allow world users to sign in/up in one click.
Make it easy for your customers.
Happy customers, happy buying.

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insert_chart Conversions
Help your customers with 1-click buying & sharing. Their full address and phone included.
Design. Just a button on your web site. Get impulsive purchases.
Growth. Access to an unlimited data bases from all the world.
Time. Save time to your customers to spend it in your products.
Security. No one access to personal information at any time.
Analytics. Increase your big data quality & quantity. Up to 20 different data available. Huge big data analysis.
Digital transformation.
3 click theory application.
Check the picture above.

Ce que vos clients aimeront

Allows your customer to focus on your products & buy in a click.
Makes your store dynamic& faster.
Avoids your customers to get sick of your website requirements.
Focus on valuable info about your product instead of your requirements.
By using Persondoc you could sign up in 20 e-commerce in 20 seconds.
Just check a new t-shirt? Click on it, click on Sign in with Persondoc and pay as you want. Done.
Speed digital transformation 2.0.


Download the app Persondoc. IOS /Android.

  • Create account as users.
  • Sign in on companies web module with the same account.
  • On the tap Fastcheck, press the button Create Token and copy the number.
  • Paste on Prestashop.

  • Enjoy!


    Growing every day, our data bases increase your purchases as an e-commerce and safes time to your customer.
    As we like to say is a win - win module, with a great growing expectation.

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    V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.5.2

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    V 0.0.1

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    Boutons Login & Connect




    By installing Persondoc on your web, any new customer from our data bases could fulfill all your sign up requirements in a click.
    Same for sign in, by clicking they could upload all their new information. Forget about rusty data bases, blind and incomplete.
    Persondoc, fulfill 20 info points in cloud, securely and properly.

    1. Profile picture.
    2. Name.
    3. Last name.
    4. Telephone.
    5. Email.
    6. Billing address.
    7. Shipping address.
    8. Office address.
    9. Postal code.
    10. State.
    11. Province.
    12. Date of birth.
    13. Sex.
    14. ID number + photo.
    15. Driving license + photo.
    16. Size.
    17. Height.
    18. Weight.
    19. Nationality.
    20. CV.

    Clarification: No one access to you data bases, no one access to the customer info but them. They choose what to share in every case.

    • Install 4 minutes.
    • Uninstall 2 minutes.



    100% compatible.
    The more you use the most time you safe.
    World wide adaptable.
    We link customers with e-commerce, be part since the beginning.
    Live data bases.

    Nouveautés de la version 0.0.1(20/08/2018)

    • First Module version

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