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Login and register with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram or any common social networks. SOCIAL LOGIN is an all-in-one social login module for Prestashop which is easy to configure, simple to use, highly stable and up-to-date with API changes.

Ce que ce produit vous apporte


Conversions Incite vos visiteurs à se créer un compte

Looking for a simple but comprehensive solution to let your customers login or register new account on your website with their social network account such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?

SOCIAL LOGIN is for you! It is an advanced Prestashop social login module that will surely satisfy the requirements. It can be installed and configured successfully on your Prestashop website in 1 click of your computer mouse. Not only be simple to use, it is also an all-in-one Prestashop social login module that supports all common social networks.

Let’s discover the main reasons for you to choose SOCIAL LOGIN instead of any other modules out there.

1. Support all major social networks

As mentioned, SOCIAL LOGIN allows your customer login or register new account on your website using any common social networks. Below is a full list of social networks that SOCIAL LOGIN supports:
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook, Window Live)
  • Linked In
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Wordpress
  • Yahoo
*Note: More social networks will be supported in upcoming time

2. Login widgets

If you hover your mouse over “Sign in” button on the top navigation or click at the sticky “Sign in” button on the sidebar, a login widget will appear. You can login or register a new account using either social account or PrestaShop normal account with email address and password.

3. Traditional login buttons
Social network login buttons can be displayed anywhere on your PrestaShop website such as login page, registration page, header, footer, etc.

4. Statistics

SOCIAL LOGIN allows you to see detailed statistics about actions of your customers on your website using their social networks such as how many customers have logged into your website using social network account per day, per week, per month, etc., login ratio of each social network, a list of users connected using social network accounts, social network profile URL, user profile avatar, etc.

5. User’s information

You can see a list of users connected using social network accounts, social network profile URL, user profile avatar, their registered date, last login time, etc,…

6. Discount

You can encourage your customers to connect their social network account with your website by offering a discount when they do that. This feature is smoothly supported by SOCIAL LOGIN – #1 Social Login module for Prestashop. A discount code with a pre-specified discount amount (can be set at backend) will be presented to the customer via a beautiful popup and email when they successfully register a new account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

7. Attractive design, easy for customization

SOCIAL LOGIN comes with a professional outlook, all small social login buttons are carefully designed to bring an attractive look to your customer login/register form on the frontend.

SOCIAL LOGIN offers 4 login button themes for your choice (image icon, flat icon, icon and social network name, icon and custom text) that are easy for customization, you can select your preferred button size, button border style, custom social login form title and additional description text for the social login form.

8. Place the login button anywhere you like

You can display social login buttons wherever you desired by using available hooks or custom hook (place a shortcode onto any template .tpl file). SOCIAL LOGIN supports 12 different hooks beside the custom one, you can read the detail in Features section.

9. Stable, high performance and up-to-date with API changes

Unlike other Prestashop social login module, SOCIAL LOGIN is implemented based on “Hybridauth” – an innovative social login PHP library that has been proved to be the most stable social login library for PHP which is contributed by hundreds talented PHP developers around the word and is up-to-date with API changes of any social network it supports.

You can read more about “Hybridauth” here: https://hybridauth.github.io/ to understand how good it is and why it’s the best social login PHP library.

By being developed on the “Hybridauth” library, SOCIAL LOGIN guarantees to bring the most stable social login solution for your Prestashop website. “Hybridauth” is up-to-date with all API changes of social networks (that happens frequently) so you don’t have to worry about your social login form if the social networks change their API. You’re up-to-date with the changes!


Social networks supported

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook, Window Live)
  • Linked In
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Wordpress
  • Yahoo


  • Social traffic change chart (can be filtered by social network, month, year and country)
  • Social traffic ratio chart (can be filtered by social network, month, year and country)
  • Social user statistic: name, profile URL, email, last login, discount code, total spent, etc.

Users’ information

  • Social user info: name, profile URL, email, last login, discount code, total spent, etc.


  • 4 login button themes: image, flat icon, icon and social network name, icon and custom text
  • Button border: default and rounded
  • Button sizes: small (24px), medium (35px), large (45px)
  • Custom login form title
  • Custom extra description for the login form
  • Option to show/hide login button on mobile
  • Drag and drop social icons to change their order on the front office.


  • Enable/disable discount
  • 2 discount types: Fixed discount code, generate discount code automatically when customer register new account successfully using social network account.
  • Free shipping: Yes/No
  • Apply discount by Percentage, amount or just give free shipping
  • Custom discount code availability (default is 30 days)
  • Select social networks to offer discount code
  • Option to send discount via email, popup or both.
  • Custom email subject and content
  • Custom popup subject and content

Other settings

Display social login buttons anywhere on your website using available hooks or custom hook (place a shortcode onto any template .tpl file)

Below are supported hook:
  • Header – top navigation
  • Header – main header
  • Footer
  • Product page - additional info section
  • Product page – below product images
  • Product page - column right
  • Product page - column left
  • Checkout page
  • Register page
  • Login page
  • Side login widget
  • My account login widget
  • Custom hook

You can also select a default customer group for any new account created using SOCIAL LOGIN.

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  • User is offered to mark his exact location on google map when he fills the form with delivery address.

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  • Support multi-shop mode (separate social login configuration for each shop)
  • Support multi-language
  • Fully responsive, display perfectly on any mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Android phones, etc.
  • Detail instruction for getting social network API keys.
  • SOCIAL LOGIN is coded by experienced Prestashop developers who have more than 5 years working in large scale Prestashop projects.
  • The module is made by Super-hero Prestashop contributor who guarantees to give the best customer service and support to YOU (our dear customer)
  • The complete code of the module is tested by our product quality check team and is validated using Prestashop validator to make sure it complies with all Prestashop code standards.

Ce que vos clients aimeront

Offering a capacity of logging into your website using social network account for your customers is a great feature that facilitate checkout process of customer on your website and encourage them to finish checking out their shopping cart. It also give your customers a better experience when shopping on your website and reduce a staggering number of your website’s abandoned cart.

SOCIAL LOGIN allows you to collect all relevant information about your customer based on their social network account such as social network profile URL, email, name, gender, etc. This helps you easily to perform any social network marketing campaign when your need.


  • Purchase also our “Social Locker” – an innovative content locker module for Prestashop which allows you to hide any valuable content until customer likes, shares, tweets, G+1 or subscribe to your YouTube channel. Along with SOCIAL LOGIN, “Social Locker” will help increase a staggering number of high quality followers for your website and social fan pages. The module is available here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/social-widgets/32443-social-locker.html

  • Don’t hesitate to contact us for support if you get into any troubles when installing or using this module on your website. Our professional support team will quickly respond and give you the best support.

  • If you like SOCIAL LOGIN, please rate it 5 stars and give it a positive comment, it will helps us a lot in promoting this great module to more merchants using Prestashop around the world. We feel thankful and highly appreciate your great action.

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  • la résolution de problèmes concernant des services tiers, l’hébergement, le serveur ou encore le logiciel PrestaShop.


Follow simple steps below to install and configure SOCIAL LOGIN on your website:
1. Log into your website back office
2. Navigate to “Modules > Modules & services”
3. Click on “Upload a module”, select the module installation file (that is available on your downloads), upload and install it
4. Open the module configuration page, select your preferred social networks that you want to enable on your website (Facebook, Twitter, Google are selected by default), enter social network API keys then save to finish configuring SOCIAL LOGIN on your website.
5. That’s all. Enjoy SOCIAL LOGIN – The best social login module for Prestashop, we hope you love it!

Nouveautés de la version 1.0.6(16/01/2019)

  • Support 32 social networks

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  • 3 mois de support inclus (En savoir plus)
  • Développé par un Top Developer
  • Documentation incluse
  • Compatibilité v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.5.1

  • Version 1.0.6 (16/01/2019)

  • Disponible en en ar ca de es fr gl

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