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Module Alertdesk

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Module Alertdesk

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Put your mind at ease with Alertdesk. We monitor your site 24/7 and notify you instantly via SMS, e-mail or Slack if downtime or performance problems should occur. Start monitoring your website within a couple of minutes.
De V1.6.0.4 à V1.7.6.2

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$5999 $5999


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Put your mind at ease with Alertdesk. We monitor your site 24/7 and notify you instantly via SMS, e-mail or Slack if downtime or performance problems should occur. Start monitoring your website within a couple of minutes.

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event_available Productivité
Today it is a MUST to be available online. Many companies pay large amounts for a professional and modern website created by excellent but expensive web agencies. Websites, where the requirements for the layout is high but low when it comes to redundancy and other technical areas. 
Many companies often experience that their entire website (or parts of) is subject to disruptions discovered and reported in by customers. The downtime can be expensive due to lost marketing and sales.
Alertdesk is a global SaaS (Software as a service), which offers individuals, small and enterprise companies to monitor online solutions in a very user-friendly manner. Whenever Alertdesk detects an exception on a target a notification is transmitted using a wide number of channels like Text Message, E-mail, Push, Voice Call, Slack, WebHook etc.
Alertdesk monitors using different tools with specific intervals. E.g. once every minute. Here are the basics:

HTTP Check is a simple but powerful measurement of a single target placed on an online solution. This could be the front-page of an e-commerce, where check for specific patters ensures that the target is running as expected.
Browser Check reminds of the HTTP Check but is much more advanced. By using the Browser Check the target is loaded and rendered as it was a real human visiting the page. This solution can be used to check if the target is subject to script-errors, extern elements that cannot be loaded or if elements on the page suddenly takes too many resources.
Performance Check reminds of a Browser Check but analysis the page general performance. Performance is defined how optimized the page is for e.g. mobile devices or how well optimized the page is for google analytics / adwords. Even more this type of check analyzes how well the target is optimized for visually impaired, deaf and disabled users in general.
Transactional Check reminds of the Browser Check. But by using this feature it is possible to simulate user behavior, navigating the page. This could e.g. be an e-commerce, where a specific product is added to the basket and check-out is completed. All to verify that the most important parts of an e-commerce is running as expected.

All tools notify one or multiple recipients when a target is subject to disruptions. Even more, the recipients are notified again, when the system detects that the problem is corrected. 

Alertdesk also offers simple integration and measurement using Apps. An App is an integration between Alertdesk and third parties. This is e.g. GLS, Post Nord, Bring, ePay, Bambora Online, Quickpay etc. all third parties that are used for online solutions in general. Using a simple click Alertdesk users are notified if e.g. Post Nord is subject to disruptions. In such cases the user can remove or replace Post Nord with alternative carrier on the e-commerce and minimize / void lost sales.

For companies using standard e-commerce platforms like Magento, Prestashop or Wordpress, one click integrations are offered to have Alertdesk to monitor the hosted e-commerce. Using these smart integrations e-commerce is monitored without the owner has any technical competences at all. Simple and smart.

For the larger companies / organizations Alertdesk offers the possibility of teams. An Alertdesk account can contain many users grouped in different teams. E.g. an organization might have the marketing department to be responsible for the organization website, whereas the development department is responsible for the e-commerce platform. Alertdesk can then notify the development department team only in the case of descriptions on the e-commerce platform.

Access and configuration of Alertdesk is done using the standard platforms used by the customers. Configuration of users, checks, teams and apps are done using a simple and user friendly interface. The same access is used to review historical data of all targets created. IOS and Android devices are specifically used to receive push notifications as alarms for disrupting targets.

The Alertdesk solution is global. And no bull-shit – this solution is global. Alertdesk is spread around the world in all global regions to ensure access without any latency. Measurement is also executed from multiple regions in the case of internal issues on a single site. This secures that the Alertdesk system will always run, even though one or more data centers are out of service.

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We test your site from multiple locations around the world to see if it is up. Run checks as often as every minute and get notified instantly if your website isn't responding.

Your site load time is critical for user experience as well as SEO. Nobody likes a slow website. Track and analyze your critical pages - e.g., your checkout, signup page, homepage, etc.

Ensure that your checkout flow or signup process works as intended by testing with a real browser. Test multiple site interactions (e.g., add to cart) with a "step-by-step" check.

Never miss a notification again. With the Alertdesk App (iOS & Android), you always have your checks at your fingertips. Get notified via push if disturbances should happen.

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