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De la V1.6.1.0 a la V1.7.8.0


This module improves SEO on Google by enriching the content of the description (or CMS pages) using the figure and figcaption tags. It also improves rendering by zooming in on the image and specific customization possible for each image.

Lo que este módulo hace por ti

person_add Optimiza el posicionamiento SEO en todos los buscadores
You improve SEO on Google via specific tags that are not natively managed by PrestaShop.
You can customize the rendering (put borders, place the images on the left, in the center, on the right, shadows: all that is possible in CSS) by modifying the CSS and adding the classes of your choice and without any limit of number of class.
The pages are lighter and faster to load thanks to Lazy load which is applied to the added images.

Qué les gustará a tus clientes

The rendering of the product page becomes really qualitative and customers can finally use a quality zoom that shows the image in close-up (not possible with PrestaShop in native).
Your customers find your products better through better referencing.


Very simple, in a few clicks, go through the back office to load and install the module.

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Ficha técnica

Última actualización


Idiomas del módulo

en, fr

Compatibilidad PrestaShop

V1.6.1.0 - V1.7.8.0

Compatibilidad multitienda 


Versión del módulo/tema

V 1.3.2

Número de descargas





Community developer

Idiomas del desarrollador

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SEO (Posicionamiento en buscadores)


This module allows:
  • Adding product images in the description very easily
  • enhancement via a specific rendering and / or common to certain images (put borders, place the images on the left, in the center, on the right ...)
  • The zoom on each image allows you to better see your product, possible zoom on the native image that you have loaded
  • Improved SEO on Google via the figure and figcaption tags but also via the title and alt fields of the image (specific or filled in automatically).


I advise you to activate the Lazy load option if you are not already using it on your store, you can even add the class lazy on other images on your store in order to make your pages lighter, so a more load fast and better SEO on Google.

Lo nuevo en la versión 1.3.2(31/08/2021)

  • * 1.3.2 - optimization responsive

Soporte y actualizaciones

En el momento de la compra, la suscripción a Business Care de tu primer año se incluye automáticamente y se renueva tácitamente al final del periodo.

Puedes cancelar tu suscripción en cualquier momento antes de que finalice el período actual.

Servicios incluidos en el abono

  • Actualizaciones de seguridad
  • Actualizaciones de compatibilidad
  • Evoluciones y nuevas funcionalidades
  • Asistencia ilimitada.

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