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V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.7.1
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Protect your shop against the risk of overload, crashed website by DDOS. Automatically lock, alert you the IP, the country of the bad guys. Create a direct ban against bad guys by IP, country. Recaptcha fully protects you from spam and abuse.

Lo que este módulo hace por ti

event_available Mejora la seguridad de tu sitio web
With the rapid development of e-commerce, security experts have said that the DDOS attack is considered the leading threat to websites today. DDOS attack aims to break your server traffic. As a result, your server is overloaded or crashed. Making your potential customers unable to access your store.
  • Also, are you worried about the dangers of auto-bots that constantly annoy your store?
  • No problem, problem solved when owning "reCaptcha - Anti DDOS - Block Bots / Users - Security"
  • Age verification of your customer when they access your website.

Qué les gustará a tus clientes

1. Automatically lock the bad guy's IP
  • When bad guys constantly attack DDOS into your store. Anti DDOS will automatically block bad guys' IP addresses and prevent access to your store. . The automatic blocking will be divided into two cases: permanent blocking for dangerous IPs (of course, you can delete permanently blocked IPs if you want.) and block by time for Ip address is warned (Arbitrary blocking time you want)
2. Write logs for you
  • The dangerous IP addresses will be automatically blocked and added to the list of dangerous IP address and displayed on log banned for your convenience.
  • In addition, the IP addresses at warning level will be logged in the Ip Warning log. This will give you an idea of being able to lock these IPs to keep your store safe.
3. Ban by IP address
  • You can look at the warning log IP Address to see the Ip intends to attack your store. From there, you can write the IP address you want to block and click on "Confirm". After that, the person with this IP will not be able to enter your the website. You can create an unlimited number of IP bans.
  • Note: you need to write the full IP address, this is NOT possible to use wildcard character such as * or %
4. Ban by country
  • Write the country code you want to block and click on "Confirm". After that, all the persons from this country will not be able to enter your website. You can create an unlimited number of country bans.
5. reCaptcha
  • reCAPTCHA is implemented with innovative technologies to completely protect your website from spam making by hackers or auto-fill web robots.
  • This captcha feature can be enabled on different locations such as: user registration form, contact form, login form, forgot password form providing a complete solution to protect your website from spam. You rest assured that all your customer data is REAL, not spam!
6. Easy to install, simple to use
  • Have you ever installed a free Prestashop module on your website? If your answer is “Yes”, you may be had spent many hours dealing with integrating the free module to your site! Moreover, it can cause conflicts for your website
  • Why having to deal with all the difficulties and risk your website with manual coding changes of free modules?
With just one click, you already own a solid armor protecting your shop from DDOS attacks, auto-bots.


  • Well-documented user-guide is ready to download once your purchase this module.
  • Highly compatible with Prestashop 1.6.x and 1.7.x
  • 24/7 online support service is also available for free

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Compatibilidad PrestaShop

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.7.1

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Versión del módulo/tema

V 1.2.1

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Seguridad y Accesos


  • Automatically block dangerous IP addresses
  • Age verification of your customer when they access your website.
  • Whitelist Ip.
  • Temporarily lock Ip Address has malicious intent
  • Save the IP address log for banned and warning
  • Ban the IP addresses you want
  • Ban the users from the countries you want
  • Unlimited number of banishments
  • Easy to create and delete banishments
  • Contact form captcha
  • Customer registration form captcha
  • Login form captcha
  • Forgot your password form captcha
  • 4 captcha image difficulty levels (basic, medium, difficult, reCaptcha)
  • Google reCAPTCHA v2 & v3 supported
  • 1 click to install


  • Enable Google reCaptcha to maximize spam protection for your website
  • Contact us if you see any problems when using this module or get difficulty with module installation
  • If you like the module, please rate it 5 stars and share it on your social media networks, we would appreciate you a lot!

Lo nuevo en la versión 1.2.1(27/09/2020)

  • Speed optimization

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