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Yuzu Network - boost your profits

Módulo Yuzu Network - boost your profits

Desarrollado por Community developer
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Yuzu is reinventing shopper acquisition and gives the power back to retailers.
Reach millions of shoppers buying every day on hundreds of stores.

Qué te aporta este producto

Relación con el cliente Te permite fidelizar a tus clientes

Tráfico Permite adquirir nuevos clientes

Reach and engage the best shoppers for your store
Our algorithm analyses the purchases and behaviors of millions of shoppers so we can target the most likely to buy in your store.

Meet your future clients where they are: online, mobile or in store 
With Yuzu, you meet your future clients after a purchase on another store. Either on an ecommerce website, mobile app or brick and mortar store, we immediately know if it’s a good fit and how to bring him to your store.

Reward your customers and get additional revenues
Show targeted offers to your own customers after their purchase on your stores (online, mobile or brick and mortar) and get paid. Get advantage of this touch point to show your own loyalty offers. Your clients are happy and you get more profits, it’s a win win!



No commitment
Manage your budget as you want, you only pay as you get results: qualified leads and targeted visits.
A targeted acquisition
Your offers are only displayed to customers most likely to love your store and buy your products. Once they click, we’ll help you convert them and turn them into loyal customers over time.
Simple Set Up
Plugging your site to the Yuzu network is a matter of minutes. Managing your campaigns, a matter of a few clicks.
Earn money by displaying the best offers of the network to your customers as a reward after a purchase on your store.
Impact Your Business, Immediately
Find new shoppers, lower your acquisition costs, and increase customer loyalty, now.
Take the power back
Cut your dependence to the major actors in acquisition by joining others stores like yours.


Qué les gustará a tus clientes

Shoppers love a good deal: each client get rewarded with relevant and exclusive offers. 
Easy as ABC : in only one click They can use it now or save it for later

Soporte y actualizaciones

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Setup is quick and easy
Step 1: Install Yuzu plugin in 3 min
Step 2: Create your account on myYuzu platform
Step 3: Manage your acquisition and loyalty campaigns and your publishing settings
And let's grow your profits!


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Yuzu Network - boost your profits
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Lo nuevo en la versión 1.1.2(18/10/2016)

  • Fix issue with JS Dependency

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  • Compatibilidad v1.4.0.1 - v1.6.1.17

  • Versión 1.1.2 (18/10/2016)

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