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Módulo Olea Gift On Order - Add gifts to customer cart

$13999 $13999
Olea Gift On Order - Add gifts to customer cart

Módulo Olea Gift On Order - Add gifts to customer cart

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V1.5.1.V0 -
Offer gifts to your customers depending of their cart content
De la V1.5.1.0 a la V1.6.1.24

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$13999 $13999


Offer gifts to your customers depending of their cart content

Lo que este módulo hace por ti

attach_money Importe medio del carrito
Propose commercial animation of your shop with this module.
Increase your benefits by increasing your customers average cart amount through incitation by gifts.
Reduce some products stocks, either by offering these products as gifts, either by selling them associated to a gift.

Qué les gustará a tus clientes

Enhance your customer satisfaction by offering them gifts.
Give your customer the possibilty to test some other products of your catalog by offering them samples.


Classical installation with 4 minor override.

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Compatibilidad PrestaShop

V1.5.1.0 - V1.6.1.24

Versión del módulo/tema

V 5.0.8

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Community developer

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This module adds gifts into the carts of your customers, following rules you define in back-office.
These rules are based on:
  • the cart amount
  • the kind of order (1st order, all order, re-order)
  • the customer group
  • the date
  • the products present in the cart, depending of their category, their supplier/manufacturer, depending of some product association or product combination
Each rule then offer a gift from a preselected list of gifts. It is possible to propose a git choice to the customer, that is done in the "cart summary" page.
By configuration it is also possible to display this choice in each product page associated to a gift rule.
The gifts may be cumulated.
A page in front office lists all the gifts you proposed. It has 2 display mode:
  • condensed listing the rule with a message for each rule
  • expanded, listing all products offered as gifts for each rule, with their description
The texts for each mode are configurable in back-office.
Products offered as gifts are managed as classical products from you catalog. You may manage their stock. they are added to the carts like all other products. their then appear in the order, invoices... helping in the export to external software.
This module is compatible with the multishop feature : each rule can be restricted to some shop only.
It is possible to configure rule like:
"iPod protection offered when one macBook and one iPod are bought together"
"Gift A for more than 200€, gift B for more than 1000€", A and B may be or not cumulated.
"Welcome gift on your first order"

Lo nuevo en la versión 5.0.8(13/06/2018)

  • Fix on performance issue on AddToCart in some cases

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