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Catalog & Pixel for Dynamic Ads & Shop

Módulo Catalog & Pixel for Dynamic Ads & Shop

Desarrollado por Community developer
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Activate in few clicks your dynamic ads and shop on your Facebook and Instagram page. This module is the most complete module that allows you to activate all the options offered by Facebook and Instagram. 

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Tráfico Permite adquirir nuevos clientes

Bring your users back to your shop
It is the most complete and easiest module to install and configure your Facebook Pixel as well as generating Facebook product catalog with including all the parameters to allow you to use all the features offered by Facebook and Instagram:
*  Feed and update automatically the shop section of your Facebook page
Identify your products in your posts or stories in both Facebook and Instagram
*  Activate your campaigns with Objective Catalog sales to:
-       Retarget products to people who visited your website
-       Show relevant products to prospective customers, even if they haven’t visited your website
*  Activate your campaigns with objective Conversions. The optimization of the diffusion is according to the value or the number of the purchases
*  Create your product set using filters to better control which products appear in your ads
Generate dynamically your Single Image or Carousel ads, customize images (price, strikethrough price, percentage off....), choose Single Image or Slideshow for creative options and define the Headline and the News Feed Link Description of each card.
*  Create Collection format ads dynamically from a Product Set.
*  Promote product types, brands or thematic images from your catalog with the option Item Categories for the Carousel format ads. This option is enabled with category and brand files generated by our module according to the format required by Facebook.
*  Create custom audiences based on website traffic (purchases, add to cart, catalog viewed, time spent ...)
*  Customize the statistics of your campaigns by adding several indicators such as conversion value, ROAS, Purchases, Add to cart, product page views ...


Easy installation and activation of the pixel code by a simple copy / paste. The pixel is integrated automatically in all the pages of your website.
- Sending of all events to Facebook (products viewed, added to cart, purchased ...).
- Conversion tracking settings: currency, excl tax or incl tax, with or without fees...
- Simple, reliable and secure export of the product catalog including all the data required to activate all the features on Facebook and Instagram.
- Filtering products that will be exported according to several criteria:
o Only products in stock or all products
o Only products whose stock is greater than a given value.
o Only products whose price is higher than a given value.
o Depending on product condition (new, used, reconditioned or all products).
If you are going to use Facebook's dynamic retargeting, it will be better that you export your entire catalog and create product sets for your ads. Indeed, Facebook can target your customers who have seen, bought or added to cart all your products including those that are now out of stock or unavailable.
- Automatically fill all data required to filter product sets (by category, brand, price, current price, product ID, condition, size, color, title and availability). The availability attribute is used to indicate whether the product is not activated (discontinued), available for order, in stock or out of stock.
- Ability to define other criteria for the filters: Material, Pattern, Gender, Age range, Google category (associating gender, age group and Google category for all products in each category). For example, the gender parameter is extremely important to better target your audience especially if you have products for women and others for men.
- Add other useful information to the custom labels to improve the targeting of your campaigns and the customization of the content of your dynamic ads:
·         0: The current price without currency. Useful if you want to use another symbol for the currency besides the default one of Facebook.
·         1: Warehouse || advanced or manual. Allows you to filter by warehouse and by stock management mode: advanced or not.
·         2: Percentage off and 0 if it is not discount. Allows you to filter only discounted products with a discount rate greater than a given percentage and to display the discount rate in your ads.
·         3: New or empty: allows filtering only new products.
·         4: Availability rate: number of declensions (size) with a positive stock / total number of declensions. Allows eliminating products whose choice in terms of sizes or available colors has become very limited.
- Integration of the data with the required format to dynamically customize images (price, strikethrough price, percentage off, Free Shipping)
-  Export of all images of each product to enable you to activate the Slideshow option for your Carousel ads. 
- Ability to customize the product identification field, which could be the code gtin (UPC, EAN or JAN), code mpn or the brand.
- Integration of UTM parameters to automatically track all statistics of dynamic ads on Google Analytics.
- Create a categories catalog and brands catalog to promote product types, brands or thematic images from your catalog with the option Item Categories for the Carousel format ads
-      And much more!

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  • Este módulo publica automáticamente sus productos en un orden determinado o al azar en su Instagram en períodos de tiempo programados según sus preferencias.

  • Juego hermoso y popular en su sitio.De una forma lúdica el premio en línea.Participación del cliente en su tienda. Gran motivación para comprar.Usted será capaz de aumentar el tráfico y los órdenes en la tienda.


Qué les gustará a tus clientes

By activating Dynamic ads for social media module, clients will::
-          Face native ads on their Facebook news feed and avoiding any intrusive formats.
-          Spot products which may be interested in wile navigating on their Facebook accounts.
-          React with your offers by sharing, commenting or liking.

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Lo nuevo en la versión 1.2.0(18/06/2019)

  • product catalog feed updated new field material
  • category Multilanguage bug fixed

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  • Compatibilidad v1.4.11.1 - v1.7.6.1

  • Versión 1.2.0 (18/06/2019)

  • Disponible en EN, FR

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