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Animated products

Módulo Animated products

Desarrollado por Community developer
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Animated products will let you fully customize the way how the products will be shown on the product list as the user scrolls

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Navegación Personaliza tu tienda online

Animated products is a lightweight module for Prestashop using jQuery and CSS only. It runs on all modern desktop- and mobile browsers and lets you customize your product list using modern CSS animations


animates the products appearance on the product list
possibillity to display it or hide it on different browser resolutions
possibillity to configure it separately for different browser resolutions
select the number of products you have per lane per screen in order to fit your theme
define your own breakpoints in order to suite your theme
Select from 25 different animations
Multiple animation combination
define the offest when the product will be animated

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catches the customer attention for the product list


No specific requirements or details for the installation

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Lo nuevo en la versión 1.0.1(20/04/2018)

  • compatibility with faceted search / layered navigation

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Community developer

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  • Compatibilidad v1.6.0.5 - v1.7.4.1

  • Versión 1.0.1 (20/04/2018)

  • Disponible en en de

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