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Pangalink Payment

Módulo Pangalink Payment

Desarrollado por Community developer
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Bank Link is the safest and the most advanced Internet payment system for online shopping.

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Payment for online purchases is effected via Internet Banking, system which is the safest and most rapid means of payment and excludes malicious use of the submitted information (paying by settlement cards).
Select the desired goods and transfer them to your online shopping cart. Select Internet banking service as the payment method. Upon logging no to the Internet banking site, there will be a fully filled in payment order displayed for you to confirm. The cash excluding the commission charge will be automatically transferred to the store’s account within 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the Bank will promptly inform the store on the effected payment, triggering the delivery process of the acquired goods.
Information on the cooperation partners of the bank regarding the online shopping is available in the Internet banking section “Shopping”

  • The customer selects the goods and confirms the wish to buy them, making the payment with the help of Bank Link.
  • The information on the purchase and the Vendor is automatically sent to bank. If the Vendor's electronic signature is valid, the invoice is accepted for execution.
  • Internet banking service generates the payment order for the customer based on the invoice.
  • The customer enters authorisation passwords and confirms the payment. Payment of the invoice is executed.
  • Bank notifies the Vendor on the payment of the invoice.
  • The Vendor and the customer agree on delivery of the goods.


  • The Vendor may send its customers to bank's Internet banking site with a prepared payment order for the receipt of the bank's confirmation of a successful/unsuccessful execution of the payment,
  • By using the Bank Link, Vendors may identify the customers in the Internet,
  • Customers provide confirmation to Vendors on their transactions at the bank,
  • By introducing the Bank Link, the Vendor acquires 100% security for the online transactions, since these have actually taken place,
  • Money is transferred to the Vendor's account within minutes after the customer has confirmed the invoice,
  • Contractual obligations exist only between the Vendor and Swedbank. Transactions are not affected by the rules of international card organizations,
  • Both the Vendor and the Client receive full information on the transactions performed in their account statements.
  • The Bank Link is cheaper for the online vendors compared to the card payment system. 
Compatible with banks of Estonia:
  • Swedbank
  • SEB bank
  • Nordea
  • LHV
  • Sampo

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Pangalink Payment
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