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order summary

Módulo order summary

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Reassure your customers by reminding them what they bought before proceeding to payment

List all items relating to the order page on the choice of payment

Qué te aporta este producto

This module allows you to increase your sales by offering your customers a reminder of what they are willing to pay. The module is set up very quickly, and prevent your customers to ask themselves what they actually pay by clicking ona payment.
This prevents a return to the previous steps, steps that directly affect your conversion rate.
You have decided to increase your conversion rate? You want to avoid losing customers being finalized in order?
You found the right module!


• Recall of products in the basket
• Reminder of the delivery address and billing
• Reminder of transport used

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order summary
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Otras informaciones

This module is grafted to Hook Payment

Qué les gustará a tus clientes

When is a customer, prior to payment, we often find that you would like to have a final summary before confirming our purchase!
This module is made for that! This summary basket on the choice of payment,you can safely pay, and, being sure not to have made a mistake.


Please note this module runs as you can imagine that the process of basket in 5 steps.

Soporte y actualizaciones

Disfruta automáticamente de tres meses de asistencia técnica para este producto.

Después de comprar, disfrutarás durante 90 días de asistencia técnica y funcional, así como de acceso a las actualizaciones disponibles para este producto.


Install the module that is in Modules> Other Modules
Module Name: Order Summary
Then go to the tab position located under the page menu module in your back office.
Payment in the block, using the black arrow to the left and assemble the moduletop of the list. (See attached screenshots to the module)

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  • Versión 1.0 (05/04/2012)

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