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V1.7.3 V- 8.0.1
De la V1.7.3 a la V8.0.1


Secure your backoffice panel and your frontoffice store with two-factor authentication. Use tokens to protect your accounts data, and your customers data from attacks (passwords leaks, bruteforce etc.). The module works with all TOPT token.

Lo que este módulo hace por ti

event_available Mejora la seguridad de tu sitio web
Today, eCommerce websites have become a prime target for cybercriminals. Every store administrator should make sure that customer data, passwords and data are safe. With this module you will take care of:
  • Securing passwords and preventing bruteforce attacks in your Back Office, even in case of attacks your and your customers' data will still be safe.
  • The token is unique for everyone, so even if your customers' or staff's passwords are less secure and easy to guess, there is no worry about access to data.
  • You can choose whether your store administrators, employees and customers will be forced to set the token.
  • You can easily reset the token in case any of your administrators, employees or customers lose their key.
  • You will effectively protect customer registrations and logins on your site, thanks to the token, even in case of attacks your and your customers' data will still be safe.
  • QR tokens are compatible with most applications that support TOPT tokens. These apps are free, so you will easily use your key on your smartphone.
  • In case your account password is intercepted, such as when using public networks, viruses, etc. your token will block login access
  • Effective protection against hackers and brute force attacks.
  • Ability to choose which parts of the site you want the token to protect, whether only Backoffice itself (administrator and employee accounts) or also frontoffice (customer accounts)


Installation is done through the module installer in Prestashop. After installation, go to the modules tab and click configure on the module.

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Compatibilidad PrestaShop

V1.7.3 - V8.0.1

Compatibilidad multitienda 


Versión del módulo/tema

V 1.1.0

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Secure your backoffice panel and your frontoffice store's website with two-factor authentication. Use two-factor authentication tokens to protect your accounts data, and your customers data from brute-force attacks. The module works with all TOPT token, you can generate it from applications such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 1password, Authy, etc. Make your store secure and resistant to attacks.

  • Backoffice protection (administrator / employee panel)
  • Front-office protection (customer login protection)
  • Enforcing token setting on administrators and employees
  • Enforcing token setting on clients
  • Possibility to reset token by administrator
  • Ability to change the QR code generation system
  • Additional page prepared specifically for token verification (unlike our competitors, we do not use login/registration forms for token verification)
  • Easy to configure the token, without unnecessary additional processes (Without open extra pages, edit user settings etc.)
  • You can also use browser extensions whose use a TOPT tokens.

Lo nuevo en la versión 1.1.0(24/01/2023)

  • fix css
  • fix translations
  • fix redirect on backoffice
  • fix redirect on order page

Soporte y actualizaciones

En el momento de la compra, la suscripción a Business Care de tu primer año se incluye automáticamente y se renueva tácitamente al final del periodo.

Puedes cancelar tu suscripción en cualquier momento antes de que finalice el período actual.

Servicios incluidos en el abono

  • Actualizaciones de seguridad
  • Actualizaciones de compatibilidad
  • Evoluciones y nuevas funcionalidades
  • Asistencia ilimitada.

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