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Clearbanc Growth Capital

Oferta para socios

Clearbanc Growth Capital

Clearbanc Growth Capital

Desarrollado por PrestaShop Partners
Equity Free Investments for High-Growth Online Brands

Oferta para socios



Equity Free Investments for High-Growth Online Brands

Lo que este servicio hace por ti

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Clearbanc believes that ecommerce founders shouldn't give up a piece of their company to pay off repeatable and scalable expenses. If you're an online retailer or a subscription service, we're here to help you grow your brand while retaining ownership of your business. We make equity-free investments from $10K - $10M, and can get you a term sheet in less than 20 mins. We charge a small flat fee for our capital, and you pay us back using a win-win rev share. Online merchants typically pay us back over a 6-8 month period. However, there is no set repayment date
Stop pitching, and get back to building your business.
Rather than looking at your credit score, Clearbanc uses a data-driven funding model. Clearbanc will assess your company's online sales as quickly as 48 hours, and if you're qualified you'll have access to the capital within 2-5 business days.
PrestaShop customers typically use Clearbanc's equity-free capital to fund their online marketing spend, launch new product lines or cover their inventory expenses. Don't spend your money, when you can spend ours instead.
Join our growing portfolio of 2,000+ online merchants! Install our app todayClick "Install" above to connect with Clearbanc and see your no obligation funding offer.
Who is it for? Most of the companies we fund fall into these categories and are processing payments online. Not sure if you are a fit? Apply and find out:
  • Direct to consumer companies
  • Subscription box companies
  • Mobile apps with in app purchases
  • Mobile apps and game with in app purchases
  • B2b SaaS (beta)

Qué les gustará a tus clientes

  • "Clearbanc is changing the way ecommerce companies are funding their business. It's a no brainer for e-commerce stores" - Kristoffer Quiaoit, Co-founder of NUI
  • "Wing Alpha has been able to keep our equity while growing 5-10x thanks to Clearbanc. By funding our ad spend, we have supercharged acquisition and are able to better capitalize our business. Clearbanc is a no brainer for fast growing companies.” - David Arabov, Wing Alpha
  • "We loved that Clearbanc provided a scalable solution for us to grow exponentially without any limitations. Gave us the confidence to expand and know that we could continue what we were doing with Clearbanc's support.” - Kevin Tighe Coastal Co.


Our service does not require installation.

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  • Clearbanc Provides D2C Entrepreneurs Capital to Grow
  • Funding based on your performance - No equity, no personal guarantees and no credit checks
  • Qualifying companies can receive capital in 24 hours.
  • Access up to $5M every month - Fast-track your growth objectives. Unlock more capital as your business grows.
  • Forecast your future revenue - Use peer benchmarks and our revenue projections to help with your growth planning.
  • Monitor your key metrics - Stay on top of the metrics that drive your business.
  • Payment Processors: Stripe,, Braintree, Square, PayPal

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