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Asset Zone Drop Shipping Integration

Módulo Asset Zone Drop Shipping Integration

Desarrollado por Community developer
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Connects merchant to Asset Zone's over 5000 SKU and their up-to-date stock and pricing information so that he can import previously selected products from our drop shipping site. Orders are transferred to be handled by our drop shipping system.

Qué te aporta este producto

Will help merchant to sell thousands of new products through his shop with minimum hassle. We provide initial product descriptions and handle the orders.


  • Import selected products and synchronize product information
  • Export orders for fulfillment / drop shipping
  • Update shipped orders with tracking codes & set status to shipped

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Asset Zone Drop Shipping Integration
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Qué les gustará a tus clientes

Customers get a wider selection of goods that they can buy from their favourite shop.


Before installation contact for pricing, access to our drop shipping system and other details.

Soporte y actualizaciones

Disfruta automáticamente de tres meses de asistencia técnica para este producto.

Después de comprar, disfrutarás durante 90 días de asistencia técnica y funcional, así como de acceso a las actualizaciones disponibles para este producto.


Installation consists of setting suitable configuration values for the module, such as your merchant id and api key, product description language, currency, conversion rate if your shop default currency is different from export currency.
You are recommended to create a new category that can only be viewed by employees, which would then be used as the product import category. All new products will then first go there. You can check the product details and then set the new products to suitable categories after which they become available for your customers to buy.

Lo nuevo en la versión 1.1.1(24/04/2015)

  • fix bug where couldn't write import csv file in cloud platform, thus breaking product importing feature

Sobre el programador

Community developer

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  • Compatibilidad v1.5.4.0 - v1.6.0.14

  • Versión 1.1.1 (24/04/2015)

  • Requiere suscripción en servicio externo

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