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Group Buy

Módulo Group Buy

Desarrollado por Webkul
V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8
De la V1.6.0.4 a la V1.7.8.8


Let customers create a product buying group & invite other customers to join the group to facilitate the buying process. Offer discounts through group buy plans to encourage customers to come together & buy in groups.

Lo que este módulo hace por ti

attach_money Aumenta el gasto medio de tus clientes
Group buying is a process through which shop owners allow customers to come together as a group & buy products.

This practice is very helpful for shop owners as it helps in increasing product sales cause multiple customers to buy the products to get discounts.

Add Group Buy Plans

Create multiple group buy plans & add as many products to the plans you want.

Also, offer discounts through each plan so that customers can create groups according to plan & get others to join the group for buying products.

A plan can have multiple products as well as a product can also be kept under multiple plans.

Checkout Time Limit & Plan Expiry

For each buying group, set the maximum checkout time each customer of the group will get to buy the product.

After the expiry of the checkout time limit, the group created by the customer will be cancelled.

Also, set the expiry of the group buying plans under which any customer creates the buying group.

After the expiry of the group buying plan, a customer will also not be able to create a group under that plan.

Notify via Mail

A shop owner can choose to keep the customer in the loop of various happenings.

The module notifies all the customers of the group when the group gets active, cancelled or complete.

The group is considered to be Active when the maximum required quantity to checkout is reached.

The group is considered to be Cancelled, either when the plan in which the group is created expires or the maximum checkout limit is expired.

Also, the group will reach the status complete, when all the customers of the group complete their purchase.

The module also notifies the admin(i.e., shop owner) when the group status changes to complete.

Qué les gustará a tus clientes

The customers get to have the following benefits at their end:
  • They get to create buying groups & invite others to participate in the group buying process.
  • Customers will be able to get discounts on products if they choose to participate in group buying.
  • They get to invite other customers to join the group using multiple mediums like invite link, QR code etc.


Follow the standard installation procedure:
  • Go to the back office-> Module Manager -> Upload a module
  • Upload zip file of 'Group Buy"
  • The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop


Note: "In case of any discrepancy, the functionalities/features of the module written in the English language will be final"

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Idiomas del módulo

en, de, es, fr, it, nl, pl, pt, ru +3

Compatibilidad PrestaShop

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8

Compatibilidad multitienda 


Versión del módulo/tema

V 4.0.0

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  • Create group purchasing plans.
  • Add as many products as you want to a plan.
  • A product can be assigned to multiple group purchasing plans.
  • Set the quantity that must be added by group members in total to let each member checkout.
  • Set the maximum checkout time each customer gets after the maximum quantity needed to checkout is added in the group.
  • Define the expiry date & time of the plan.
  • Choose to activate or deactivate the plan.
  • Offer discount with each group purchasing plan.
  • All the customers of the group get this discount while purchasing their product added in the group.
  • A customer gets to create a group on the product page.
  • The customer can either create a public group or a private group.
  • Before creating a group, he/she can select a plan for which they are creating a group.
  • After creating a group, they can add the products to the group.
  • The group status will be in the pending stage until the required product quantity is not fulfilled.
  • Other customers can join the group either via invite link(private group) or directly(public group).
  • After joining the group, other customers can also add the products to the group.
  • Once the maximum quantity to proceed to checkout reaches, the group becomes active.
  • Now, no one can join the group or add the product to a group.
  • Every member of the group can now place the order.
  • Each member will only pay for their own product.
  • After each member orders their product, group status changes to complete.
  • Buying in groups help each customer of the group to get a discount on their order.
  • Group orders are available separately in a section at the admin’s end.
  • Notify each customer of the group when a group becomes active.
  • A group becomes active when product quantity in the group reaches a number necessary to proceed to checkout.
  • Notify each customer of the group when a group gets cancelled.
  • A group is cancelled when the checkout time limit expires or group buying plan expires.
  • The calculation of the checkout time limit starts just after the group becomes active.
  • Notify customer & admin both when group purchase status changes to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: What is a group buying plan?
A: These are the plans which are created by shop owners under which any customer chooses to create a buying group in order to enjoy plan offered discounts.

Q: How many products can be added to a group buying plan?
A: You can add as many products as you want in a group buying plan. There is no restriction on the number of products.

Q: How many buying groups a customer can create?
A: At any time, a customer can only create one group for each buying plan. Two or multiple groups for the same plan can be created.

Q: How can a customer invite other customers to join the buying group?
A: From the group list, you will find the group invite link as well as the QR code. They can also share the group invite link to social sites too.

Q: What happens when some customers of the group fail to create orders in time?
A: In this case, all orders created by other group members will be cancelled and every member will be notified via mail.


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Lo nuevo en la versión 4.0.0(26/10/2021)

  • Offer customers to come together as a group to buy products.
  • Create group purchasing plans.
  • Set the quantity that must be added by group members in total to let each member checkout.
  • Define the expiry date & time of the group buying plan.
  • Offer discount with each group purchasing plan.

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