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Cherry Checkout: Retain and acquire via CSR

Módulo Cherry Checkout: Retain and acquire via CSR

Desarrollado por Community developer
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Retain and acquire your clients with sociale responsibility and sustainable development. We integrate a module in the shopping cart allowing your clients to win a gift voucher by making a donation to the charity of your choice.

Qué te aporta este producto


Relación con el cliente Te permite fidelizar a tus clientes

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an essential part of business development strategies. It helps strengthen your brand image and increase your sales over time. CSR provides an average 13% performance escalation when compared to companies that do not institute it.
  • Engage your customers in your CSR approach. They will be happy to act for the cause you support and, thanks to this goodwill, they will prefer to purchase on your site rather than from a competitor. 66% of consumers spend more on a website that incorporates a CSR policy.
  • Attract and retain your customers by transforming the flow of cash into a positive emotion. Your customers will feel good shopping while supporting charities on your site. 88% of clients are more loyal to companies that support social and environmental causes.
  • Who wouldn’t want to win their purchase back while doing something good for the world? With Cherry Checkout it's now possible. 1 out of every 50 customers who participates will win back a gift voucher, which provides additional incentive to return to your site.


  • Make your customers responsible
  • Turns the checkout into a positive emotion
  • Encourage your visitors to finalize their purchases
  • Optimize the user experience
  • SEO to the Cherry Checkout community
  • Analyze the activity of donations and winners generated (via the dashboard)
  • Acquires new customers
  • Bring your users back to your shop
  • Fully customizable

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Qué les gustará a tus clientes

  • We do online shopping on a daily basis and it has an impact on our planet. Cherry Checkout makes your client's purchases more responsible. By ordering from our partners, they have the opportunity to make socially responsible purchases.
  • As soon as they add the items to their shopping cart, the Cherry Checkout option is available for them to support a charity organization that works every day to solve the problems our world faces. This is a simple and useful way to do good.
  • In addition to making a good gesture, they automatically participate in a draw and get a 1 in 50 chance to win back a gift voucher.

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1.     Modules > Modules & Services
2.     Upload a module > select file
3.     Select the ZIP file you just downloaded.
4.     The module has just been installed, you can now set it up.
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Lo nuevo en la versión 2.1.3(26/06/2018)

  • cURL : Ignore SSL certificate checking
  • Add curl_error() in logs when response from server is missing

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  • Compatibilidad v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.4.1

  • Versión 2.1.3 (26/06/2018)

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