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Orlique - the Order Manager

Orlique - the Order Manager

This is the module for the entire management of your prestashop store orders. You can add new orders and edit/delete existing ones. Demo: http://orlique. Prestashop-module. De/admin-orlique user: orlique@prestashop-module. De password: orlique-demo   new features in version 1. 2: brand new interface improved workflow with shipping services (v1. 4+) better capability with versions 1. 4. X additional invoice information (v1. 3+) prices now changes automatically depending either client is in a group with a discount improved order deleting system function overview: place new order you can add your oders directly from the back office of you prestashop store. You also can add your phone, fax and direct orders to the clients account. Edit an exisitng order you can edit your order in many ways: add new products sending the order message changing the order date delete products optionally sending the order confirmation mail, or the "order changed" mail change products (name, quantity, price, product combinations) add/edit price reductions modify the carrier and the shipping costs all the new data will be addapted in all the required places: in the clients's account, the order history and the invoice. Delete exisiting orders at long last, all the test orders can be deleted from the store, bevore launch - without any hacks, or core modifications! Edit multiple orders you can change the order status for multiple orders with one operatrion. And you can delete selected orders. How to place new customers now you can place new customers direct from orlique-interface. So, you can for example faster include telephone orders. You can also place several addresses simultaneously. In this case you do not need the additional useless passwort- indication for the customers. Extended search in orders now you can also search for orders, to incorporate the specific products. In this case the search for the product name, code number or code number for suppliers is also possible. Further features the information about discounts in form of absolute value and in percents automatic calculation of shipping costs supplement now the manual information video tutorials: http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=q9iuo921n1o http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=zplpjfcms3g     *savetimemanagement*?

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