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Save for later (buy later)

Save for later (buy later) Module

Developed by PrestaShop
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A major feature of large e-commerce sites, adding the "Buy Later” (save the product for later) feature to your shopping cart summary is a must to improve your sales and conversion rate.
With one click (much faster than a wishlist), your customers can set aside their impulse buy products and buy them with a later order.

What this product does for you

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Customer relations Build customer loyalty

  • Improve the user experience by offering a feature loved by the customers of the biggest e-commerce sites (Amazon, etc.) on your shopping cart summary;
  • Increase your customers’ average basket: they forgot this impulse buy that they had set aside during a previous visit, but this time they will add it even though it wasn't their original purpose;
  • Improve the shopping cart summary by letting your customers list their favorite products and set them aside;
  • Boost your sales by letting them find these items on a future visit and slip them in their shopping cart;
  • Retain your customers by letting them set aside a product they like for their next order;
  • Encourage impulse purchases by indicating when these products are on sale or when their inventory is low

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Save for later (buy later)
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With this essential module, you can:
  • In a few clicks, create your Buy Later area in the shopping cart summary page!
  • Customize the area’s various elements: banner text and color, display of the “Put in cart” button. By showing these different elements, you encourage your customers to put their products into their cart and complete their orders.
  • Choose the products or categories to exclude from Buy Later
  • Show a crossed-out price when your products are on sale
  • Show when a product’s stock is low

What your customers will like

  • Your customers benefit from an improved user experience because they no longer lose the products they want to review or buy later and can put them in their shopping cart with just one click.
  • They are notified when the stock of products set aside are low so they don't miss any of their favorites.
  • They are notified in the Buy Later area when their favorite products are on sale, so they can get them at bargain prices.

About the developer, PrestaShop


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- tools to facilitate your tasks on a daily basis and make you save time!

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  • Developed by PrestaShop
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  • Compatibility v1.6.1.7 - v1.7.1.2

  • Version 1.0.0 (04/14/2017)

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