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V1.5.1.V0 - 8.0.1
From V1.5.1.0 to V8.0.1


Responsive all-in-one solution containing mouseover zoom, 360° spin viewer, full screen view, thumbnails slider and video handling (YouTube, Vimeo, mp4…)

What this module does for you

insert_chart Encourage visitors to complete purchases
This module integrates the "AJAX-ZOOM" viewer into the PrestaShop product detail page via the AJAX-ZOOM's native mouseover zoom extension. The AJAX-ZOOM viewer is a separate imaging framework to show high-resolution images and 360/3D views in various ways.

The viewer's license depends on the number of different pictures shown in the viewer within one internet domain. The purchase of this module includes the AJAX-ZOOM "Basic" license that features up to 500 images. For 360/3D views, each image of a spin counts as one image. The type "basic" license is sufficient for small shops with around 100-150 products or when you only want to present a few 360-views apart from the main gallery on your product detail page.
We strongly recommend you request the demo version of this module, try all the features, and clarify questions before actually purchasing it. After the purchase, please contact the support to receive the license key for your domain that removes the demo watermark.
Position of the viewer
The module has around 200 options setting which you can adjust the look and feel of the viewer and its position within the product detail page:

  • Replace the original theme's slider with the AJAX-ZOOM mouseover extension (the default setting).
  • Position the viewer with only 360/3D views and videos in a tab (may not always work depending on the template).
  • Position the viewer with only 360/3D views and videos using a (CSS/jQuery) selector. That way, you can position it precisely where you want.
Major displaying modes
The integrated mouseover extension can output substantially differently behaving zooming mechanisms. These are:

  • Zoom on mouseover with a responsively self-adjustable fly-out window showing a zoomed view of the image to the right or left of the slider. Typically, when you have high-resolution images indeed, the size of the zoomed image view in the fly-out window is less than the size of the original image. By default settings, it is limited to 1200x1200px. When the user clicks on the lens element, the real AJAX-ZOOM viewer with the high-resolution image opens either inside a modal box or full screen. The viewer automatically loads as many pixels as needed for screen size or zoom level (read more on that below).
  • Inner-zoom on mouseover. The zoomed view of an image shows above the image, and the zoomed image size is limited to 1200x1200px by default settings too. Panning occurs by moving the mouse over that image. This inner-zoom feature automatically enables itself if there is no space on a side to display the fly-out window. Here again, the real AJAX-ZOOM viewer opens at full screen when the user clicks on it.
  • Display a swiping slider without any immediate zoom features and open the AJAX-ZOOM viewer at full screen on click. Default settings for mobile touch devices enable this option.
  • Immediate display of the actual AJAX-ZOOM viewer for images and 360/3D-views where users can zoom in with the mouse wheel on desktop and pinch-zoom on touch devices.
The AJAX-ZOOM viewer can stream parts of the images on zoom using the so-called image tiles. The software automatically creates tiles if they are missing. That is similar to how most online maps, including Google maps, work. The map loads only those parts of the image necessary for a particular place and zoom level. Therefore, if you have high-resolution photos of your products – 20, 30, or 100 megapixels, you can upload and safely present details of your products to all customers using any device.

Besides several dedicated options for mobile touch devices, you can set all options' values specifically for mobile devices.
Additionally to the images and 360/3D views, the module supports adding videos to the gallery. You can add keys from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or define direct links to mp4 files. The gallery retrieves thumbnails of the videos automatically, which is, as most features described here, optional. You can add multiple videos to a product, bind videos to product variations, and define different videos for different languages. The videos are unrelated to the AJAX-ZOOM license, and therefore, they don't count as an image.
360/3D views
A 360-view is a sequence of still images taken from all sides of an object. A 3D view has more than one row, and the additional rows contain photos from a different vertical angle. AJAX-ZOOM and the module support both.

You can directly upload images for your 360 and 3D views in the back office while editing a product, or you can import them from ZIP files or subfolders located in a specified path. The latter feature is just for your convenience so that you don't need to wait while images are uploading but upload them, for example, overnight via FTP. After importing, those ZIP files and subfolders are unnecessary, and you can delete them.

The module supports multiple 360-views and 3D for each product. You can configure every 360-view individually, e.g., set the rotation speed and direction.

Optionally, you can bind different 360-views to different product variants, thus, for example, having a correct colored rotation for each of the variants!

360 Product Tour
After creating a 360-view, you can effortlessly create an interactive tour around details or areas of your product that you would like to emphasize. The back office includes an easy-to-use editor to select and describe those areas.

At the front office, those selected areas expose in an additional thumbnails gallery. When the user clicks on the thumbnail, the 360 object spins and rotates to that area. When this animation finishes, it optionally shows an expandable button with additional information containing images, text, and videos.
Hotspots on 360-views/3D and images
Hotspots are interactive markings on the pictures. The module has a built-in editor to create those hotspots on 360-views and regular images. The click action behind a hotspot can be a simple link, e.g., to a different product or a pop-up window with additional information containing any HTML, videos, etc. The viewer supports simultaneous use of the 360 product tour and hotspots.

What your customers will like

The quantitative result of having XXL zoom or even 360-views may vary across sparely available studies on this topic. But the vector of the impact is straightforward: significantly increased conversion rate and greatly decreased return rate as two measures that you surely want to improve or calculate your ROI. But, using common sense, it is self-evident that forming more realistic expectations about a product sold online can only result in greater overall customer satisfaction that yields bigger returns in the middle term.


  • It's best to make sure the servers and PrestaShop requirements are met before you start with installation. The free "IonCube Loader" must be installed on the server.
  • In the PrestaShop BackOffice, switch to the Modules -> Modules and Services tab.
  • Click the "Upload Module" button and select the file.
  • The module is being installed, which can take some time. Unless no major errors occur, you can find the AJAX-ZOOM module listed under available modules.
  • If you get an error that the core AJAX-ZOOM files are missing, upload the missing /modules/ajaxzoom/axZm directory via FTP.
  • Activate the module now.

  • After installation

  • Click on "Configuration" and save the module's settings with the default values once!
  • If you have activated the CSS and JavaScript merging or template cache, you may need to delete/regenerate it.
  • If you do not want AJAX-ZOOM to appear in the frontend immediately, switch to module settings, and under "PLUGIN SETTINGS FOR PRESTASHOP", disable the "enableInFrontDetail" option. Alternatively, you can enter one or a couple of IDs of a product into the "displayOnlyForThisProductID" configuration field. This way, AJAX-ZOOM is activated only for products with those numbers.

  • To upload high-resolution images via BO, adjust PHP options' values for post_max_size and upload_max_filesize directly in your php.ini file or a control system that allows you to achieve the same. You may also need to increase the limit in BO under Advanced Parameters -> Administration -> Upload quota -> Maximum size for a product's image. The default value in the newer PrestaShop versions is 2 MegaBytes.


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    en, ca, cs, da, de, el, es, fr, it, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sv +10

    PrestaShop Compatibility

    V1.5.1.0 - V8.0.1

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    V 1.47.0

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    Visual Products


    • Responsive mouseover area and flyout zoom window
    • Adjustable to fit the size of any responsive elements on the page over smart jQuery like selector
    • Adjustable for fixed or flexible image proportions
    • Permanent or automatic inner zoom depending on resolution and responsive layout
    • Support for PrestaShop images tied to product variations
    • Support for videos - YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, mp4, and other formats.
    • Videos can be associated with variable products, optionally with shop languages.
    • Works great on touch-enabled devices
    • Optional 360°/3D support with (pinch) zoom and full-screen view
    • Optional responsive thumbnails slider integration
    • Responsive modal or full-screen views on click with AJAX-ZOOM
    • Fast "progressive" loading of high-resolution images
    • Instant (on-the-fly) generation of all thumbnails
    • 200+ other options
    • Possibility to create a tab and add only 360 / videos to this tab ("displayInTab" option)
    • Possibility to place only 360 / videos anywhere by a jQuery selector ("displayInSelector" option)
    • It can be used with a different module, which replaces the standard image display
    • Hotspots on 360/3D views and still images
    • All components adjustable over PrestaShop module settings
    • API for developers of all skill levels
    • Continuous development and improvements


    We strongly recommend you request the demo version of this module, try all the features, and clarify questions before actually purchasing it. After the purchase, please contact the support to receive the license key for your domain that removes the demo watermark.

    What's New in Version 1.47.0(11/05/2022)

    • Added compatibility with PS 1.8.0

    Support and updates

    At the time of purchase, your Business Care subscription for your first year is automatically included, then tacitly renewed at the end of the period.

    You can cancel your subscription at any time, before the end of the current period.

    Services included in your subscription:

    • Security updates
    • Compatibility updates
    • Developments and upcoming features
    • Unlimited support

    Want more details? Check out the most frequently asked questions about Business Care.

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