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Advanced URL

Advanced URL Module

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Increase your SEO by remove id from your shop's url. Support url without ending slash or ending html. Support dupplicated url schema.

What this product does for you


Traffic Optimize natural search (SEO) on all search engines

Search engine alway like website with simple, meaningful and clean url without any number, tags, session id,... Unfortunately, default Prestashop SEO & Friendly URL feature contain IDs.

This module will help you increase your search engine ranking by remove id from your shop's url (category, product, manufacturer, supplier, cms) and prevent duplicate friendly url when you input data at back office. Your shop's url will be more search engine friendly.

Add Category Hierarchy url, this is a missing feature of default Prestashop.

You can remove all ending slash or .html from shop's url.

You can use same url schema for all controller. For example: use {rewrite} for all product, category, cms, manufacturer, supplier route.

When an url with id redirect to 404, our module try detect to remove id and redirect to the new urls (without id). This feature help your shop keep almost current search engine ranking (this feature works only when your new route is the same with old route).


  • Remove id from all url: category, product, manufacturer, supplier, cms. Your shop's url will be more search engine friendly.
  • Support category hierarchy.
  • Support url without ending slash or .html.
  • Support dupplicated url schema. You can use same url's schema ({rewrite} only) in all routes.
  • Check parent's categories in url to support duplicated sub-categories and products in different parent's categories.
  • Check and then add or remove ending slash to prevent duplicated content.
  • Redirect old url (with id) to new url (without id) using 301 Moved Permanently.
  • Prevent duplicate friendly url at back office: category, product, manufacturer, supplier. When you submit any record, back office warning tools will notify you any duplicate friendly url immediately.
  • Detect and show you all duplicated friendly url records in database.
  • Compatible with Prestashop cloud and downloaded version.
  • Compatible with multi-store.
  • Improvement of your SEO.
  • Documents included (installation, configuration, faqs) and Free support provided within 90 days after the purchase of the module to help you in any problems with the module.

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  • Improve the SEO of your store by adding 301, 302, 303 redirects and avoiding 404 errors! Easily and quickly redirect url of deleted products or categories from your store. Create an unlimited number of 301, 302 and 303 URL redirects to optimize the SEO of your website and avoid the 404 errors. Also includes a CSV importer to create redirects in bulk.

  • This module help save a lot of time with fast mass/bulk products moving. You can move or copy products from one category to another. It is possible to search for products by name, and then move/copy/assigning into the selected category. 



After install this module, when you use default seo route, every thing automatically update and your shop's url will be clean without any id. You must do nothing.

Please goto Back Office -> Preferences -> SEO & URL and use any folowing route as your demand.

Default route: This is the best choice for SEO & SEF. Your shop'us url will bee more search engine friendly like following:

Module           Route                                       Example URL
Category        {rewrite}/                                   /women/
Product          {category:/}{rewrite}.html         /women/printed-dress.html
Manufacturer  manufacturers/{rewrite}.html  /manufacturers/adidas.html
Supplier          supplier/{rewrite}.html             /supplier/prestashop.html
CMS category content/{rewrite}/                    /content/news/
CMS page       content/{rewrite}.html             /content/policy.html

Other routes: for one, who do not like default route. You can use any of following route with default route.

Module       Route                                    Example URL
Category    {rewrite}.html                        /women.html
Category    c-{rewrite}.html                     /c-women.html
Category     {rewrite}                              /women
Category    {categories:/}{rewrite}/         /women/tops/tshirts/
Product      {rewrite}.html                       /printed-dress.html
Product      {rewrite}                               /printed-dress
Product      {categories:/}{rewrite}.html  /women/tops/tshirts/printed-dress.html
Product      {category}/{rewrite}              /women/printed-dress
Manufacturer {rewrite}.html                   /adidas.html
Manufacturer {rewrite}                           /adidas
Supplier     {rewrite}.html                      /prestashop.html
Supplier     {rewrite}                              /prestashop
CMS category {rewrite}/                       /news/
CMS category {rewrite}.html                /news.html
CMS category {rewrite}                        /news
CMS page     {rewrite}.html                  /policy.html
CMS page     {rewrite}                         /policy

Please read detail guide at


Please carefully keep all your "friendly url" difference when you turn on "Advanced Dispacher" and use same url schema for 2 or more controller.


Our module conflict with any module override these functions: Link::getCategoryLink(), Dispatcher::dispath().
  • Agile multiple seller
  • pagecache (need some hack to install, please see detail at installation's guide)

Support and updates

You automatically get 3 months of support for this product.

For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product.


Please try our module on dev. site first, when your site has high ranking or alot of search engine indexed. Please read detail guide at

What's New in Version 1.4.4(05/23/2017)

  • Fix fatal error with PS 1.5.x

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  • 3 months of free support (Learn more)
  • Documentation included
  • Compatibility v1.5.0.0 - v1.6.1.20

  • Version 1.4.4 (05/23/2017)

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