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Scan Spray product with EAN13

Scan Spray product with EAN13 Module

Developed by Ether Création
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Manage your inventory by scanning EAN13 inventory, increment decrement.

You can increase or decrease the stock of a product while having a view of your latest transactions and save a report
Compatible multi- warehouse!

What this product does for you

Productivity Improve inventory management

The module Ec Scan Ean13 recovers ean13 returned by hand or scanned by your barcode reader, without having to click. Perform actions of stock easily with the ability to increase or decrease your stock for this product.

A summary table of your recent transactions with your stock updated in real time allows you to track your transactions and you can save the stock movements performed in csv format.

But this module also allows you to perform a complete inventory of your shop. Similarly, Ean scan of your products and a summary will give you a view of the number of items scanned compared to stock. Buttons allow you to add or remove an item in hand in case of error. Another button allows you to finish the inventory, that is to se the stock to 0 while it is non-scanned products.

The table is automatically maintained even if you change pages, so you can pick your inventory later. For items with a gap of stock, a button appears allowing you to update the current stock and replace it with the number counted for a specific product.

Finally, the export csv inventory functionality gives you the choice to have only products with stock or difference of all products scanned. But also to add your entire catalog with product number counted to zero for non-scanned product, so you are sure to forget nothing!

This module is a must-have  importance for your stock management, as it provides easy to know if they are accurate and better replenish you to avoid breaking unexpected stock!

So your stocks will easily correct for both simple and the advanced inventory management with multi- warehouse!



- Scans with spray ean13
- Incrementing stock
- Decrement of stock
- inventory
- Report
- multi- warehouse

Support and updates

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  • solving problems concerning third-party services, hosting, the server, or the PrestaShop software.


Nice product! It does what I had hoped it would do, namely chain scans product EAN bar codes to receive goods into stock and check them back out again. The support has been great! The installation was easy and fast! I did not see any documentation for the module. Following my early review above, today I used the module together with a Honeywell Eclipse 5145 USB scanner to scan 253 SKUs and 808 total products, received from my supplier for inventory. This module is an absolute MUST-HAVE for any PrestaShop store manager/owner!!! I scanned all of the articles from 34 cartons in less than 3 hours without touching my keyboard (except to start the module). The developer really covered a BIG product need to me! Of all of the modules I have purchased and installed, none have given me such a large savings of time and energy. The module is GREAT, although there are a few weaknesses that I hope the developer will address in the course of time. The weak points of this GREAT product are: 1. It is not compatible with the "Advanced Stock Management System". 2. When you scan a new article the article is placed at the end of a list/report, but the module immediately returns to the top of the screen/list, placing the article you just scanned out of view. SOLUTION: It would be much better and more logical if the scan input field was at the bottom of the list, just below the last article scanned, and that it remained at the bottom of the list with both in view at all times. 3. The list/report and be exported in .CSV format, but the format is not user-definable. The fields that are currently exported ARE NOT the fields that I need in my report. a. It scans the Product ID, that I do not need, for example. b. It scans the reference, but it takes the reference from the reference field on the Product Page (the Reference code field on the Product Information page.) But, this code is useless when you work with product combinations. In my case, I may have 100 combinations, each with a unique reference (Reference on Product Combinations page), but these are not displayed or exported in the CSV file. 4. It does not deal well with the extended ASCII characters found in languages other than English. I specifically use Portuguese and all the specials letters of the alphabet came out as other symbols. I would like to tell the developer what a GREAT JOB they did in filling this product need. I hope they develop the module further. Rick Larsen

Richard L.

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What's New in Version 1.2.0(01/09/2017)

  • Mise à jour 1.7

About the developer, Ether Création

Ether Création

Ether Creation exists since 2008. Partner and specialized PrestaShop for over 5 years, we offer multiple services from the creation of your shop to the development of modules with a large catalog related to all domains.

Following standards of PrestaShop to facilitate your future developments.

Trust us to designate, integrate and configure your shop!

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  • 3 months of free support (Learn more)
  • Developed by a Top Developer
  • Compatibility v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.2.1

  • Version 1.2.0 (01/09/2017)

  • Already translated into en fr

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