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Magic Sliders

Magic Sliders Module

Developed by Community developer
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Magic Slider is perhaps the most innovative and complete slideshow (slider) editor.
Without any technical knowledge, you can create fantastic slideshows with animated contents with a WAHOO effect on your visitors.

What this product does for you


Navigation Customize your online store

Magic Sliders allows you to create very complex animations without any technical knowledge.
It uses a visual editor in real time allowing you to immediately see the result of what you are doing.
Once you understand how the animation editor works, the limits will be your imagination.
The slideshow is fully customizable in size (fixed, responsive, total width), colors, images, clickable links etc....
Navigation bubbles, navigation arrows, thumbnails.
Everything is customizable.
Magic sliders is not only a slideshow editor. You can create wonderfull banner if you only use one slide.


1) General Slideshow Features

- Put the slideshow where you want on your site.
   Home page, CMS pages, category pages, product pages etc...
- More than 300 transition effects between slides.
   Possibility to modify animations
- Activate/deactivate the slide show with a simple click.
- Creation of multi-language slideshows.
- Responsive slideshow, fixed size, or total width (fullwidth)
- Possibility to not display the slideshow under a defined size.
- Scroll horizontally, vertically or both.
- Display or not, navigation bubbles, arrows and thumbnails of images.
   Various predefined themes.
- Redirection to a link if you click on a slide.
- Import/Export of slideshows.
and much more...

2) Functionalities of animation layers

- Creation of unlimited animation layers.
   Can contain text, html, image, video, audio, SVG.
- User interactions on layers.
   riggering of an action by clicking, mouse on or outside a layer.
- Possibility to add your own css and javascript code.
- Animations on fonts, colors, borders, sizes, positions, rotations, scales, skews, opacity, perspective, transformOrigin etc...
- Text animation by characters, words or lines.
- SVG animations by morphing effect between two SVGs.
- SVG animations by Draw effect. The SVG takes shape before your eyes.
- Add mask from image or from clip path.
- SVG mask
- SVG filters
- CSS filters (blur, brightness, contrast, drop-shadow etc...)
- Blend mode (multiply, screen, overlay etc...)
- Motion path
- Easing functions
- Particles effect
- Animations management on a Timeline with a keytime system
- A complete animations player (slow motion, accelerated, manual playback by moving a time indicator, backward)
and much more...

3) Motion Path Editor

- A very easy to use visual animation path editor to create a path on which a layer can move

4) Easing function editor (speed acceleration/deceleration)

- Predefined easing functions to make your work easier.
- A visual editor of easing functions, easy to use to create your own easing functions.

5) Particles editor

- A particle effect editor with a lot of possibilities.
- User interactions on particles.

We surely forget because the possibilities are impressive and the limit is your imagination.

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What your customers will like

Animations created with Magic Sliders have a Wahoo effect on your visitors.
You promote your products in incredible ways and you can make your site easier to navigate.
Or create visual promotions that will encourage click.

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Magic Sliders installs like all prestashop modules.

What's New in Version 1.0.0(04/16/2018)

  • V.1.0.0: First release

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Community developer

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  • 3 months of free support (Learn more)
  • Developed by a Top Developer
  • Documentation included
  • Compatibility v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.5.2

  • Version 1.0.0 (04/16/2018)

  • Available in en fr

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