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Product Price By Size

Product Price By Size Module

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Calculate dynamic product prices based on units such as dimensions which can be entered by customers. Advanced features include area range based pricing and custom formulas for complex dynamic product prices

What this product does for you


Conversion rate Provides a product suitable to your customers' needs

Sell your products based on dynamic area rather than fixed pricing.  A great feature for merchants selling products which are cut to size such as carpets, flooring, wood, glazing, glass and more.  

Allow your customers to enter the area and the dynamic price automatically calculated live.  

Additional features include setting up specific prices for different area ranges, a useful feature to allow you to adjust the cost of your product depending on the total area of the product being ordered.

Allow customers to enter sizes / area either into text boxes or select from a predefined list of values.

The module also has the option to calculate product weight dynamically based on dimensions entered by the customer, a powerful feature which allows dynamic weight based shipping to be applied to the dynamically sized products .

If you're looking for a powerful solution to sell products with dynamic pricing based on customer input, then the variety of powerful and unmatched features in this module will be the ideal solution for you.



Add custom dimensions units such as width and height options to individual products and dynamically calculate product price based on the values the customer enters for these dimension fields.

Sell products which require a dynamic price to be calculated based on dimensions such as width and height.  This module allows you to set up and display different dimensions, and calculates single, square meter, cubic meter or even more calculations.  Price calculations can also include combination / attribute prices.  The module also allows you to create your own advanced calculations using the simple to use built in Equation Editor.

A powerful and flexible module ideal for merchants selling carpets, flooring, windows, glass, plastic sheets, murals, curtains or any product which is sold in square meters or merchants wishing to sell product priced by area or area ranges.

[b]Features Overview[/b]
  • Present customers with dimensions inputs on your product pages, which they can enter values for
  • Product price is dynamically calculated based on the dimension values entered by the customer
  • Price is updated live as the user enters area values or changes the options.
  • Works with product attributes and product attributes prices.
  • Use the Equation Editor to set up your own advanced calculations for your product or individual attributes
  • Set up prices based on total area ordered by customer, useful for adjusting the cost depending on how much the user orders.
  • Limit the extension to only the products you need the feature for.
  • Option to calculate product weight in cart dynamically based on dimensions ordered
Full, easy to manage translations within the module configuration.  No need to edit any language files.
  • Extra feature to convert customer entered unit to another (e.g multiply the height user enters by 1000 to calculate price)
  • Ability to setup entry ratios between dimensions when customers are entering dimension values
  • Product measurements selected are displayed in the basket, order invoices and order emails
  • Module compatible with the Quick View popup
  • Multi language support
  • Multi store support
  • No changes to core files required
[b]Custom Equations for full control over pricing[/b]

Powerful equation editor allows you to create more complex equations for calculating the dynamic prices of your products. What's more, you can create unique equations for each of your product combinations. Custom equations even support the use of conditions for conditional values in your equation!

[b] Unlimited, flexible dimension / option fields[/b]
  • Create and assign a unlimited number of dimension fields to your products.
  • Display dimension inputs as textbox or a list of fully customisable dropdown values.
  • Define a min / max value the customer can enter for each of the dimension fields individually.
  • Create default values for each dimension to be displayed on the product page (unique to each product)

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What your customers will like

Allow your customers to order products which are made to measure based on the measurements customer enters at the product page and calculate dynamic product prices accordingly  The measurements are displayed in their basket, checkout and order emails and invoices for later reference. 

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Excellent work! Technical support at very high level.

Paul K. - 10/12/2017

Being a total novice to Prestashop I found some items a bit confusing to implement, BUT, Musaffar provided world class support and quickly assisted me with getting the module to work as intended, twice! I reviewed and tried a few "square area calculators" on various platforms, and this module is the reason why I decided to use Prestashop. I marked skill level at Intermediate, but I feel that somebody with a bit more than no Prestashop experience would be adequately skilled to implement the minor back-end changes required. Purchase this module with confidence and ease!! Well done!

Stephen J. - 02/24/2017

A very helpful module for the people who want to sell thier product in various sizes . Developer helped me to alter some of the fields which were best suited for my business overall satisfied with the purchase.

Manish R. - 06/20/2018

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What's New in Version 2.0.18(06/13/2019)

  • Fix bug when checking min price
  • Prevent add to cart if dimensions are not valid
  • Fix bug with equations entered in advanced mode not being saved
  • Apply price reduction for fixed amounts on product page
  • Prevent form submit when user presses enter
  • New feature: allow input field decimal places to be limite
  • Fix issue retrieving combinations in multi shop mode

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  • Version 2.0.18 (06/13/2019)

  • Available in EN

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