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fastway Module

Developed by Community developer
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FastWay allows your customers receive their orders anywhere in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand or South Africa, using effective shipping services and carriers provided by FastWay Couriers Shipping Service - the Courier Experts.

What this product does for you


Conversion rate Provides a shipping method suitable to your customers

·  Provides a cost effective and convenient method for shipping orders to your customers
·  Allows you provide your customers with available shipping carriers
·  Allows you track and trace customer orders conveniently and quickly
·  Allows you negotiate pickups and delivery very quickly and easily


·  Works for Australian, Ireland, New Zealand or South African Merchants
·  Displays available Shipping services and carriers to the customer
·  Displays normal or discounted shipping prices from FastWay
·  Allows the use frequent rates from FastWay - this could be cheaper for both the customer and the merchant.
·  Allows the customer track and trace their orders
·  Allows handling fees to be added to the cost of shipping if required
·  Allows free shipping on orders above specified amounts. This is useful for sales promotion during festive periods or when required.

Frequently bought together

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·  Products dimensions - length, width and height should be provided in centimeters
·  Product weight should be provided in kilograms
·  Store currency should either be AUD, EUR, NZD or ZAR, depending on your country

What your customers will like

·  Allows your customers receive their orders at their door step
·  Allows your customers receive their orders in a very fast, efficient and convenient manner
·  Provides your customers with the option of lowest shipping costs from FastWay Couriers Service
·  Your customers can track their orders very easily
·  Your customers can enjoy FREE shipping on orders with total cost above the amount you specify whenever you decide

Support and updates

You automatically get 3 months of support for this product.

For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product.


Very easy to install. Steps are provided in well detailed documentation.

What's New in Version 1.1.1(06/11/2018)

  • works for Australia, South Africa, Ireland and New Zealand

About the developer

Community developer

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  • 3 months of free support (Learn more)
  • Adapted for your country
  • Compatibility v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.4.4

  • Version 1.1.1 (06/11/2018)

  • Requires an external service Yes

  • Available in en

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This developer answers your questions in:

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