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Shipping cost calculation by the Brazilian Correios

Shipping cost calculation by the Brazilian Correios Module

Developed by BM Services

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“Shipping cost by the Brazilian Correios” is a fully configurable module that considers weight, transit and the store owner’s rules for free shipping. We used Correios technology and made the whole process integrated inside PrestaShop’s checkout. 

What this product does for you


Conversion rate Provides a shipping method suitable to your customers

Have full control over the calculation system displayed to your customer. The integration with PrestaShop’s cart and checkout is a clear and non intrusive one. Save time of your customer service people.
  • Shipping rate and transit time calculation – SEDEX, E-SEDEX, PAC and collect SEDEX.
  • Integrated calculation with PrestaShop – The weight configured in the product details of PrestaShop’s dashboard is taken on account when calculating shipping.
  • Free Shipping Rules – The storeowner can optionally set a shipping range for the cart where the shipping becomes free of charge.
  • Correios technology -  You can trust that our results will match with Correios rates and transit time.
  • Full configuration – The “Shipping cost calculation by the Brazilian Correios” module was conceived to fulfill your configuration needs and be a true storeowner’s tool.
  • Less workload for the customer service people – The clients themselves do their shipping calculations.


The PrestaShop online store module “Shipping cost calculation by the Brazilian Correios” features:
  • Correios technology for the shipping calculation process.
  • CEP smart saving – Your client don’t have to type his CEP for every calculation.
  • Dynamic full cart shipping calculation – Each change done to the cart by the visitor sets an automatic shipping calculation update.
  • Full integration in PrestaShop cart and checkout – The value of the las cart alteration appears in the confirmation of shipping step of the PrestaShop checkout.
  • Calculation results show the rate of shipping and transit time.
  • Calculation rules for free shipping instance.
  • Calculation for SEDEX, E-SEDEX, PAC and collect SEDEX.
  • Non intrusive web design.
  • Full module configuration by the storeowner.

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What your customers will like

Your clients will have total freedom to do their own shipping calculations, this is done in only one click inside PrestaShop cart area. Results show freight’s rate and transit time that stay connected with the cart content, updating this values instantly. More client satisfaction, less workload for your customer service.
  • Shipping calculations done in one click.
  • Smart window remembers the CEP of the client.
  • Update of shipping/free shipping values with each change to the cart.
  • Easy Free Shipping.

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 Default installation of a Prestashop module.
  • Enter your Prestashop dashboard and go to your modules list.
    Click in “Add a module” and select the “zip file” path.
    Now the module appears in the list and is ready to be installed.

What's New in Version 1.1.0(02/07/2017)

  • PrestaShop 1.7 compatibility

About the developer, BM Services

BM Services

BM-Services is a Prestashop Gold partner agency for the last 6 years.  BM-Services creates Prestashop-based E-shops, intervenes for Prestashop Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), maintains websites, makes specific developments and develops addons for software editors (Paybox, Videodesk …)  or to add new functions to Prestashop. BM-Services team counts 20 fully-trained professionals and has already developed hundreds of Prestashop sites and addons.

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  • 3 months of free support (Learn more)
  • Adapted for your country
  • Documentation included
  • Compatibility v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.5.2

  • Version 1.1.0 (02/07/2017)

  • Available in en br es

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