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Back-end development training 1.7

Back-end development training 1.7

Developed by Invertus
formation - Services - Back-end development training 1.7


  • To understand how PrestaShop backend and front end work
  • To understand database and object model in PrestaShop
  • To learn module development for shop’s back office
  • To understand how multilanguage works in prestashop
  • To understand how to use PrestaShop web services
  • To understand how to use automated tests in PrestaShop

Detailed schedule


Target audience : 
Web agencies, freelancers (official partner agencies and freelancers)

Requirements : 
Good knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and object-oriented programming. Knowledge of Sass and Bootstrap 4.


The course is online 
The course is led by Invertus expert, approved by PrestaShop.


The course is online with a PowerPoint presentation.
Plenty of time has been allowed for questions and answers, so that all participants have a perfect understanding of the functions they will be using in their day-to-day work.


1. Prestashop installation and configuration
  • Prestashop installation

2. Prestashop structure
  • Prestashop structure
  • Learn how Prestashop is migrating to Symfony framework
  • Explain dev docs, how to use them and contribute to them

3. Database and object model
  • Explanation of database structure in Prestashop
  • Find out about Object model and how it works with database
  • Find out about Db, DbQuery and Configuration classes

4. Templating in PrestaShop:
  • Introduction to smarty and twig.

5. Translations
  • Learn how translations work and how to add them to your module
  • Explanation how to edit translations and where they are stored

6. Module development
  • Find out how to create a module in Prestashop
  • Understand structure of modules
  • How to make use of composer and autoload in your module
  • Find how modules upgrades work
  • Learn about hooks
  • Find out how you can use CSS, JS and Images in your module
  • Find out how to use smarty and twig in your module
  • Learn how to use Object models, lists and forms in your modules
  • Learn how to create a settings page and connect it with Configuration class
  • Learn how to use ajax in your controllers
  • Understand how to use automated tests for your modules

7. Overrides
  • Understand how overrides work in PrestaShop and how to use them in modules[2] [3] 

8. Web services
  • Understand PrestaShop web services
  • Learn how to extend web services

9. Automated testing
  • Understand how to use Automated Tests of PrestaShop

10. Transition to Symfony
  • Understand what are advantages and new features of new controllers based on Symfony
  • Learn to use service container

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