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Loyalty Coupons / Discount vouchers

Loyalty Coupons / Discount vouchers Module

Developed by PrestaShop
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Build customer loyalty by offering discount vouchers for future purchases!

This module is fully functional and easy to use. You can use it to generate discount vouchers and automatically send them to your customers who have placed a certain type of order. Decide if you want to require a minimum order, or a purchase of a specific product or category: whatever you need!

What this product does for you

Conversion rate Promote impulse buying

Traffic Bring shoppers back to the shop

With the Loyalty Discount Vouchers module you can:

  • Automatically create cart rules that generate offer codes emailed to your customers,
  • Customize the coupons’ name, their value as a percentage or amount as well as their validity period,
  • Increase average cart size on your site by defining minimum purchase amounts in order to use the discount voucher,
  • Build customer loyalty by encouraging customers to buy again from your store,
  • Easily liquidate your inventory of products of your choice, and better promote your new products and categories


This module is easy to use, and lets you create an unlimited number of discount vouchers, with whatever value (amount or percentage) and validity period you like. You can set specific conditions when you create these vouchers:
  • purchase of any product you choose
  • purchase of a product within a certain category
  • an order with a minimum amount of your choosing

This module is ideal for promoting certain types of orders. With it, your customers can get discount vouchers to use on future orders. You are free to choose if you want your coupons to be cumulative or not.

When customers buy a product to which you have linked a voucher, they receive an email containing the details of their discount voucher, and a discount code for use on a later purchase from your site. When they make a new purchase, they can redeem the offer by entering the code in the field that appears in the order summary.

  • If your client buys a product which you selected in the voucher rule, he will get free shipping costs on his next order, starting from 30 euros purchase
  • If his order total is more than 100 euros, he will get a 20% discount on his next order.
  • If he buys one or several products of a specific category, he will get a 5€ voucher on his next order.
  • Offer a 10% discount voucher to your clients who buy for the first time on your store; the voucher will be usable on their 2nd order.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How are the discount vouchers generated?
When one of your customers places an order, if they fulfill one of the discount voucher conditions that you created via the module, a cart rule will be automatically generated, associated with a specific discount voucher for that customer. They will then receive an email with that code, and the specifics of their discount voucher.
You can find the cart rules and the codes created by the module in Promotions > Cart rules.

What languages are the customer emails translated into?
These emails are currently available in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, and German.
If your customer's language is not among these, they will receive the email in English.
You can also manage translations of emails sent to your clients in the tab Localization > Translations in the Back Office (Type of translation : Email template translations)

How do the discount voucher rules associated with a category work?
If you configure a discount voucher rule to be associated with one of your categories (category or sub-category), a discount code will be generated when one of your customers buys one or more products from that category.


What your customers will like

Increase customer satisfaction by sending discount vouchers to use on future orders when they purchase certain products. 


Simple and good module

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It did what we needed!

Russel F. www.promescent.com

Good deal

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